Friday, April 5, 2013

the little tender moments

i was up late last night preparing for a bridal shower i'm hosting tomorrow night (pics to come!:)
i was probably up a little too late, seeing as my husband fell asleep on the couch.
i love it when he is sleepy. he is seriously just so funny.
i woke him up so that we could get to bed.
he groggily got up, and stumbled his way into the bedroom after brushing his teeth.
we got in bed, and he sleepily cuddled me (one of my favorite things he does! sleepy cuddles).
he felt my frozen feet, and sleepily said "your feet are cold!!!"
then he started using his feet to warm my feet up while he was {90%} asleep.
it was really funny, so i started giggling.
then he started to giggle.
then he started to laugh. like a drunk person.
and i started to laugh. because he was so funny.
it was really cute.
these are the little tender moments that i want to carry in my heart forever.
have a wonderful general conference weekend, everyone!
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McKenna Ryan said...

Awww! I love moments like that. Being married to your best friend is the best. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I love the design and your lovely posts. I am definitely going to be following you on Bloglovin and GFC. Happy Friday! xx. McKenna Lou

Kelsey Eaton said...

hahaha awh! I just love all the mushy sappy happy little moments of marriage. It truly is the little things that mean the most! :)

Jess said...

hahhaah that reminds me of my soon to be hubs! i love moments like those. you guys are the cutestttt <3

Bri Rios said...

That's so cute!! Usually when I'm up late doing hw and Ryan has already gone to bed, I'll walk into our room and see him sleeping on his side with his arm out on my side of the bed. So when I snuggle on his arm he pulls me in! It's funny cause when I tell him about it the next day, he never remembers! Cute stuff :)

Anonymous said...

so much cuteness, i can't even handle it.

Rachel said...

I have to say...this made me laugh so much, mostly by contrast to my own husband, who recently told me, "You should write a blog post about how I would sleep so much better if you weren't trying to cuddle me all the time." :P Oh well, I guess you got the sweet husband!

Marsa said...

hahah i can totally relate!! i know EXACTLY what you're talking about with the whole giggle thing turning into laughs. dawww so cute :) this is why blogging is awesome. documenting little moments like these so you can look back on them and smile :)

Julie said...

Awh! Haha, cute stuff! Sleepy cuddles are the best. There's some good therapy in sleepy cuddles..

xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

mckenzie Sant said...

So cute! I love that story. And the pic is way cute too :)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

Thanks McKenna!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

it's the best!!!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

hahaha! thanks girl! marriage is the best, i'm so excited for you!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

hahah awww. it's so the best huh! justin never remembers either lol

Rachel Sayumi. said...

thanks jess :)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

hahahah that's awesome!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

hahaha! thanks Marsa! i totally agree :)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

right!? haha! xo

Rachel Sayumi. said...

thanks dear :)

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