Sunday, March 17, 2013

why st. patrick's day is dear to my heart.

st. patrick's day has never really meant much to me. i'm not irish (i think..), i'm not obsessed with green, nothing like that.

but in 2012, i had the best st. patrick's day ever.
if you want to know details, read this post.. i don't feel like typing it again haha.

in a nutshell, justin and i had known each other for a couple weeks but we finallly hung out at a st. patrick's day dance, and that's where he got my number.

i was actually supposed to go with a bunch of girl friends, but they all cancelled on me two hours before ( 5 or 6 people!) so i was way frustrated. i didn't want to go alone! luckily, my two awesome friends ash and britt came with me! looking back now, i'm glad this is how it worked out. if i was with a ton of girl friends, justin and i wouldn't have hung out as much during the dance.

the cutest part of the story is that he left earlier than i did, but he didn't get my number because he was too nervous. one of his friends said that he wouldn't get in the car unless justin went back inside to ask for my phone number. so justin went inside to look for me.

and i'm so happy he did. every day since then, we have been together.

  one year ago <-------♥-------> one year later

(funny that a year after, he's wearing a mint-colored shirt and i'm wearing a navy shirt with my bangs down and hair in a bun. haha some things never change!)

so anyways, for that reason {a very wonderufl reason}, i now like st. patty's day. i have been feeling so nostalgic as spring is arriving, because it reminds me of the times justin and i first started hanging out. remembering how nervous i was, yet i feeling so relaxed and at home with him. now a days, i'm probably a little too comforable with him! haha! but that's ok, right?!

he's so so hardworking, extremely loyal, slighty crazy and goofy, and tenderly sweet. i'm a lucky lady!
thanks for everything you do, honey!



Jorie said...

what a sweet story!


Kelsey Eaton said...

Such a cute story!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

SO cute! What a fun way to mark the "anniversary" ;) Happy St. Patrick's Day love!

Anonymous said...

Aww! such a lovely story! you are so CUTE!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Ha ha, I love it! That is so sweet : ) I celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and it's partially because I'm Irish, but it's really more of a family tradition - my grandma, who passed away in 2005, was Irish - and I mean feisty Irish! So I celebrate it to celebrate her, really : ) Sometimes holidays have special meaning in different ways! I love yours!

Erika Dannelly said...

loooove that he brought you into his life, because it means you're in my life now too! YAY :) (ps i had no idea he was too scared to ask for your number! that's adorable hahah)

Jessica Jane said...

I love hearing about people's beginnings! Love is so much fun. Best wishes on this special day:)

Marsa said...

dahhhh you two are so so cuuute!
and it was destiny that your friends couldn't show up for sure! haha
ps thanks for your super sweet comment it made me sooo happpyyy :)
you're so sweet rachel! you make me want to hang out with you.
also, are you both going to law school?

Rachel Sayumi. said...

awww thank you! :)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

thanks kels :D

Rachel Sayumi. said...

haha fun, right!? thanks Brooklyn!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

aww thank you Ellen :))

Rachel Sayumi. said...

that's so cool!! family traditions are the best! thanks Jenn!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

awwwww I'm glad he brought you in my life! actually I'm glad Tawny brought you in my life! HAHA! yeah he was nervous, funny huh? so unlike him ;)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

it's always fun to hear about it, I agree! thanks Jessica!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

why thanks Marsa!!! :D we SHOULD chill! make Japanese food!

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