Friday, March 1, 2013

wedding: the photographer.

so i'm FINALLY almost done with the wedding posts! haha! five months later... but that's ok, i love having a place where i can see each element of my wedding. this is one of my last posts, woohoo~ ;) if you want to see more, click here & scroll down!

finding a photographer was definitely the hardest part. being in utah, the "wedding state", there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many photographers! and no offense, but i feel like a lot of people just pick up a Canon or a Nikon, and call themselves "firstname lastname Photography"... because i checked out a TON of websites, and some people way overcharged their sessions for the low quality photo's they took! although we were on a budget, i decided that photography was something i would not hold back on, since pictures are memories captured forever!

i researched a bunch. i found Kate Benson, and instantly fell in love with her beautiful, crisp, natural light photography. it's so full of rich and color, but not over-saturated, and i loved it! i was trying to decide between her, and a photographer that was cheaper. the other photographer was great, of course, but when i put Kate's pictures side by side with the other's... uhmmm, there was no question about it, Kate was hired.

Kate was a photography major at BYU (very intense program!) and has been a professional photographer for over 10 years! i could definitely tell that she is so experienced- when she would pose us, she'd say things like "move your chin down just a little" and stuff like that to get the perfect angle for us! and her camera is AMAZING. Justin and I actually zoomed in as far as we could on one of our engagement pics, and we zoomed right into his stubble. and it was still really clear. HAHA she has one heck of a camera (seriously, click on one of the pictures to expand it and you'll know what i mean) and like five lenses she switches out with depending on where/how she's shooting.

we instantly fell in love with her at our engagement shoot. she is just so dang funny and talented! i'm so glad we had her photograph our engagments, bridals, and wedding day, so that we were completely comfortable with her by the end (although it didn't take us that long at all:)

and- oh my- she has the 3 most darling kids!!! when she delivered our engagement disk to us, she brought her kids. two girls and a boy. one of the girls said to us as soon as we met up with them - "YOU GUYS ARE A CUTE COUPLE!" hahaha. so precious.

point is, if you're looking for a wonderful hilarious talented photographer and you're in the utah/salt lake valley area, be sure to hit up Kate Benson!!!

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND, everyone! i know I'm looking forward to relaxing from school!!

this is not a sponsored post. all opinions are my own :)


Kelsey Eaton said...

I agree with how funny it is that every SAHM in Utah with a decent camera now calls herself a photographer haha. Your dress is so pretty! I love the length of the sleeves. You were stunning!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I was hanging out with my friend Katie {Farnsworth} last night & going through blogs I read.. Look at that! You guys used to be room mates. Such a small world!!

Justin Porter said...


Elsha said...

The fact that you are both so photogenic doesn't hurt either;) photography is basically the only thing we spent money on as well, always worth it

Rachel Sayumi. said...

Awww thanks Kelsey! You are the sweetest!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

I LOVE Katie!!!!!!!!!!! She is the best!!!!!!!!!! It really is way small ahh!

Rachel Sayumi. said...


Rachel Sayumi. said...

awwww Thanks El!!!! :D and yes, photographer is most important!!!!!!!! IMO :D


Roxy said...

Rachel!! I just found and read every single one of these wedding posts, and I am so happy I found them! Seriously, this is the most helpful thing that I have found to plan my wedding. I can basically apply every single piece of advice you have since I am getting married here in Utah. So thank you so much for taking the time to blog all of this. It definitely is helping me!! I am going to take a lot of your advice. You are so darling! Thanks again!!

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