Tuesday, February 19, 2013

so happy, so proud.

my girl ANDY: so happy for your engagement, girl! You are such a sweetheart, and a domestic goddness. chad is one lucky man. thanks for all you've done for me- from makin' me dinner to letting me have my bridal shower at your place to sending me the sweetest notes/texts. it was a series of unfortunate events that led me to you, but now i know why :) i'm so glad you're in my life. please call me so we can play.

JULIA aka hulio! I love you so much! thanks for sparing me from the most boring summer of my life by playing with me basically every day! i am so glad that we had the opportunity to become closer that summer. we have so many fun memories together, from being in the same groups for school dances, late night froyo and mcchicken runs, to random drives around town and chatting forever. i love you so much and am so happy you found your love! :))

next up is my brother in law! he has been called to serve a two-year LDS mission in Kiev, Ukraine! I am so incredibly excited for you! you are a funny guy, and i'll miss seeing you around. congrats pal!

last but definitely not least, my little brother. he has been called to serve a two-year LDS mission in Busan, Korea. he will be such a skilled man! he's already a crazy genius, but in two years, he'll come home knowing English, Japanese, AND Korean! i will be so sad to see him leave, but i know he will change lives and be such a positive influence to those whom he comes in contact with. he is one of the sweetest guys i know, and i can't believe how grown up he has become.

i'm so so so happy and proud of all four of you!!!!! love you all so much.


Katie said...

That's so exciting! Sounds like you had a great weekend!


andy brienne said...

Awwww. Thanks, Rachie. You dah best. <3 Expect a text when work is over.

Jourdan J said...

That's neat, Congrats!

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