Thursday, February 28, 2013

blogging about blogging

i'm taking a media class right now. it's easily my most favorite class. we talk about all types of media (books, newspapers, music, advertising, cellphones, internet, social media..) and how it affects the individual, the family, and the society. There are tons of studies out there conducted by researchers, and it's so neat to listen to what they have found.

Well yesterday, part of our lecture was on blogging! it was really interesting to sit in my class while my professor spoke about blogging, as i'm a blogger myself. it all made me think about myself as a blogger, why i blog, where i want to be in the next year, and so on.

here is the slide from the lecture about blogging:

credit: dr. sarah m. coyne, school of family life professor at brigham young university.

I know that it doesn't all make sense because my professor just used the bullet points then expounded on each point. But interesting, isn't it?? The term 'blog' is shortened for 'web log' ha i had no idea. and now we even use it as a verb!! ("i need to blog" "she's blogging right now").

Anyways, we had a blogger guest speaker come in for the last half of class! it was so neat! her name is Stacy from Not Just a Housewife. she has some amazing projects!!! she does a ton of home rennovations and DIY! she told us her story of how and why she started blogging, and how it has expanded. she spoke about how she works full time for part time pay. she spoke about balancing her time with blogging and being a mother of four boys, as well as a wife! she talked about how she had to learn SO much- how to first of all, be good at DIY-ing, how to use power tools, how to use a camera, how to take nice photo's, how to edit photos, how to do web design and html, how to use all the many different social media outlets, how to market herself, how to sell ads, how to publicly speak at blogger conferences, how to work with sponsors, and the list goes ON and ON!

it was so awesome to hear a blogger speak, in a college lecture! i found it so interesting!
listening to her really made me ask myself- why do i blog?

it kind of scared me. i didn't know how to answer the question. why do i blog?? it's fun? i like the community? it makes me feel cool? obviously i don't make oodles of moolahs off of blogging or blog for a living. we can't all be Bookers of the Day, Peonies that are Pink, or Fat Rats Named Nat... am i right? ain't nobody got time for that.

i recently hit 600 followers. I am so grateful for each and every one of my readers! it means SO much. i honestly don't even know how i have 600 people interested in my blog?! i'm not that fashionable, i can't decorate to save my life, i'm not that funny, i'm not the best writer... compared to other bloggers, 600 is nothing. but then again, blogging isn't about comparing yourself to others.

a quote from Stacy i really enjoyed went something like this (paraphrasing):
"be yourself. if you blog because you enjoy it, you will be successful"

i do enjoy blogging. i love being able to write, and get feedback from an audience. i love being able to showcase things i do or wear. i love that blogging has truly helped me to dress better. i love the friends i have made from blogging, and from the friendships that have gotten tighter because of blogging.

so let me ask you- why do you blog?
food for thought.
let yourself feast.


smk053078 said...

I wish I could have been in that lecture with you. I blog as an outlet, for community, inspiration and because it's fun!! BUT a TON of work...all worth it though!!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on hitting 600+ followers!

andy brienne said...

I love this. A bunch. On a sidenote, I think you're funny.

the pocketbook said...

glad I found your blog! too cute!


Rachel Sayumi. said...

and you do a great job! Thanks Shanna :D

Rachel Sayumi. said...

you're too sweet to me gurl

Rachel Sayumi. said...

aw thanks girl!

Christy said...

I think Blogging is a great invention! I just do a journal blog and print it each year. Sometimes I think about starting a fitness blog, but I ...just haven't. lol :P

Cathy said...

Do you read She used to be my visiting teacher! Now she's a city girl :).

House of Tong said...

I love that youre keeping it real!! I agree, blog what you love and it does indeed lead to much better things for you! Keep it up! xoxo

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