Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wedding: cake//food.

part vi: cake & food
more wedding posts! yayyy! ;) today is all about da grub!! can't have a good wedding unless you've got good food right!? haha. ;)

i honestly had no idea who to call for a cake. i didn't even want to think about how much a wedding cake cost... i attended a couple bridal fairs during our engagement, so i had some flyers laying around of businesses that made wedding cakes. it was just something i didn't want to think about haha.
i have a lovely friend that i've known since the 7th grade... megan. she is really the sweetest ever. she came over one day during the summer, and we chatted. she asked me how wedding planning was.. i told her i still had this this this and that to do.. oh yeah and i don't have a cake yet....
then bingo.

megan volunteered her older sister, camille, who had graduated from culinary school, specializing in pastries! i knew camille from high school, so this was absolutely perfect. justin & i met up with camille, and she was so much fun! she was absolutely helpful and easy to work with. we decided on a three-tiered vanilla cake (all cake, no styrofoam!!) with a raspberry cream in the middle. the outside was fondant, and it would have some piping on it. each layer would be dressed up with some ribbons coordinating to our wedding colors.

she did work.

megan & camille touching up the cake before guests arrive!

the knife was a wedding present from my aunt and uncle! so cool! my uncle made the knife!!!! 
if any of you, or anyone you know needs a wedding cake at a GREAT price, feel free to contact me and i'll hook you up with camille's contact information!! :)

next... foooood.
being on a budget, food is extremely hard to incorporate into a wedding!!!! Seriously, food is so expensive. there was no way we could afford a caterer (so. dang. expensive), but we were so blessed to have so many family members helping out in the kitchen to prepare the food. i knew from the start that i wanted to have croissant sandwiches, some veggies, and lemonade. but that didn't seem like enough. i wanted fruit or something as well, but i knew it would get costly.

a few days before we got married, my aunt (the one that gifted the knife to us) called and asked what we were doing for food. i told her sandwiches and veggies. she then was so sweet to tell me to not worry about the veggies, since she would take care of them all. i was so grateful to have that little burden taken off my hands!! thanks, aunt beth!!

the day before we got married, i skipped school (duh) and made a trip to the local costco. there really is nowhere better to get a giant mass of industrial sized food than from the costco! HAHA! there i got the croissants, cheese, meat, grapes, and lemonade. it was SO difficult to try to calculate how many people would be there, how many croissants to get, how much meat and cheese to get for the sandwiches... basically i was there for 2 hours because i kept messing up my calculations. for example - i kept forgetting that we would be cutting the croissants in half, so at first I put 17 cases of 12 croissants in my cart (that's 204 croissants... 408 sandwiches!!!!!). so yeah i struggled, that's why it took two hours haha.

anyways, all was well. i got everything i needed (under $200), and amazingly enough - we had leftovers after our wedding so we didn't need to buy lunch meat for almost 3 months into our marriage (freezers are amazing:). I'm so grateful to all of our family members who helped out with food prep!!!! thank you!!!


Elise Frederickson said...

Just discovered your blog today and I am so excited to go stalk your other wedding posts/read the future ones. Your cake totally turned out beautiful!

Nataly said...

Loved reading about your wedding--so darling! That cake is beautiful.

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

your cake looks beautiful! camille did an absolutely fabulous job :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i want some of that cake, right meow.


andy brienne said...

I might have accidentally eaten 3 of those sandwiches.


But good choice. Nothing is better than Costco croissants.

Jessi said...

Following you too! :) thanks for your sweet comment!
Your wedding cake is gorgeous!! That's so nice you had someone to help you save some money but still keep all the prettiness :) I had to work with a budget when I got married too but I think we pulled it off pretty well in the end! When did you get married? Juat recently?

Rachel Sayumi. said...

aw thank you elise!!! you are so sweet.

Rachel Sayumi. said...

awww thanks nataly!!! xx

Rachel Sayumi. said...

why thank you Elisabeth :)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

it was pretty delicious unto my belly

Rachel Sayumi. said...

bahhh. can't wait for yours ;)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

thanks so much Jessi! we got married in september :)) isn't it the best? haha

Suzanne Megan De Pol said...

I love this blog! I am getting married this September :) Where did you get your wedding cake stand??


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