Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wedding: dress//decorations.

part iv: dress//decorations.

so i found my dress at david's bridal in orem, utah.i knew that i wanted a dress that was fitted at the top, and flared out a little at the bottom. I knew I didn't want a lace dress, and knew I wanted beading. I was so happy to have found this one! I only tried on a few dresses, but just couldn't stop thinking about this one :) 

some of my friends ! love you all, stay tingey ;)

and now for some happier stuffs! yayyy.

i had a ton of fun collecting items for our decorations.
i thrifted a bunch of glass jars and vases, then hot-glued lace, burlap, ribbon, and twine on them.
if they weren't filled with flowers, there was an electric candle inside the glass.
they twinkled when it got dark :)
i also had thrifted/covered books. DIY found here

It was all super simple, but that's how I wanted it..
nothing extravagent.

i loved our display table!
i kept my frames that deep brown color, since i think it's classy.
& i can use it over and over again in my home, rather than wasting my money on a bunch of obnoxiously pink frames like the one above haha (:

All my frames were purchased either at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
each frame was no more than $20.

I had a little scrapbook on display that i made. it has a bunch of pictures of us in it, along with all of our ticket stubs and other little memorabilia from our dating days.
concert tickets, sporting tickets, movie tickets, etc.

these silhouettes were done by sarah.
love them so much :)
she is also the one that did my hair! i loved it so much.
she was so sweet to travel to the hotel where i was staying with my parents, early in the morning to help me on my big day!
she also helped inspire me on how to make my lil decorations.
sarah you are such a sweet, amazing, talented woman! thank you for making my special day even more special. it means a lot!

and finally, our guestbook was a photobook I made on
i actually had a free photobook card thing i got from registering at target, so i used that! i just paid for shipping.
for our provo reception, it was a book of our engagement photos.
for our boise reception, it was a separate book of our bridal photo's.
i liked it this way, since instead of just a boring book of signatures,
everytime we look through our pictures, we can also read the sweet messages from our friends & family.

tip #5: have an idea of what you want your dress to be like. don't be afraid to speak up if it's not exactly how you like it. don't be afraid to confront people if they are messing up. you won't regret it.

tip #6: ask creative and talented people for inspiration! sarah really helped me to get the gears goin and ideas flowing in my head to make my wedding the way i wanted it to be!


Ali W. said...

Just came across your blog. I LOVE it. You guys are so cute...and your wedding was so pretty!

Valerie Price said...

What a beautiful wedding...your dress is gorgeous and the decorations are so cute! Thank you for sharing your dress story and your tips...this is definitely information that will help future brides!

Julie said...

Aw, sorry you had the worst ever time with your dress! I would have done the same and screamed some colorful words into my pillow. I had a week to pick out my dress in Atlanta and said screw it to alterations. A corset-back size 6 dress and a pair of 6 inch heels later, I got married in it! You look fab though, and it doesn't even show that you paid blood, sweat, and tears for it!

xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

Sarah said...

Oh Rachel you are so sweet. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

Jenna said...

You and everything else was absolutely gorgeous! Your dress (whether you did have a hard time with it or not) was beautiful!

Hey I have a question, do you happen to have a blog button that is 240x180? I don't do sponsors and am instead setting up a links I love section and would love to put up a link to your blog.

Sara Shoemaker said...

SO cute. I love the sillhouettes! that's amazing. the whole vibe of your wedding is awesome and turned out gorgeous. blog question- how did you get your margins to be so small on each side?! I love the whole layout of your blog. I have the same YuniKelley button but mine is so tiny on the side! how did you get yours so big?

Melissa Ott said...

Thanks for all the helpful hints! I am helping my friend plan a wedding and we may have to use some of your ideas!! I just have to say, your wedding was so beautiful!! I was in the same MTC district as Justin (he would know me as Sister Larson.) Anyways, I love all the pictures you posted! Oh and PS, I had my son the day you got married. 9-22-12 was a special day! :)

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