Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas

Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!!! It was so nice for us to not worry about work or school, and to spend time with my family. I basically stink at taking pictures even though we got our nice camera for Christmas... but here are a few snippets and updates!!!

+roadtrippin' to boise. can you tell i get bored and do weird things??

+we went to the boise idaho temple. it had been closed for a year and a half for maintenance, so it was great to be back! the inside looks completely different, it was sooooo beautiful!
+went to the mall to do some last minute christmas shopping. supa fun.
+"shepherd's dinner" for christmas eve. my mom enjoys this tradition. she makes us has us dress up in "shepherd"-ish clothes and we eat a yummy dinner consisting of roast beef/flatbread+honey/fruits/fresh mozerella, as if we lived during the time Christ was born.

cuuuute right?!
+if you ever venture to boise, idaho (i'd highly reccomend it. it's awesome) then a hot spot to hit up is MERRITT'S COUNTRY CAFE. it's kind of ghetto, but they have theeee most delicious scones ever. Justin claimed it a tradition we get scones every time we go to boise.

excited for his yumminess.
hot chocolate, my cinnamon sugar scone, and his powdered sugar scone. so delicious

+drove around and looked at Christmas lights!
+slept in on Christmas day (my youngest brother is 14. we don't need to get up at 6am haha)
+opened some presents with the fam.

batman trilogy. one of his favorite series!:)

+we had a delicious christmas dinner at my aunty's house, and played some fun games. it was wonderful!
+we went to Les Mis Christmas night!! it was FANTASTIC!!! i absolutely loved it! you need to see it. it was pure awesomeness.
+it started to snow the night before we left!!! eeee! so traveling home was quite the adventure.

it's back to work early tomorrow, but i feel so blessed that we got the opportunity to spend time with my family. we received some wonderful gifts from family and friends (got a couple straggling wedding gifts! haha). it was great, and i hope you guys had a great christmas as well!! :)

Coming up in the next week:
-another five under 500 post! woot woot.
-an outfit post {hopefully} haha it's hard when i work till 5pm everyday and it's freezing outside...
-a SUPER AMAZING giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys should be stoked. heck i wish i could enter.

stay tuned!



lex said...

just found your blog, you guys are adorable! love it! :)

katilda said...

so glad you loved Les Mis! i posted a (probably too long) review of it today. also you made me want scones.

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Your family sounds like so much fun! The Christmas eve tradition is awesome, especially the dressing up part haha :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i suck at taking pictures on my own time a lot too.
i've been trying to get better, but i normally just opt out with my iphone, whoops.
that first picture with your legs all crossed cracks me up haha.
and shepherds dinner sounds fun!
im not looking forward coming back to the freezing provo.


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