Monday, December 31, 2012

2o12: year in review.

happy last day of the year!!!
as this year comes to a close, i've been reflecting on the past 12 months of my life. it started out  s l o w , but then things started to get more exciting later on! here is my year in review.

January was pretty chill. I moved apartments from living with 5 awesome ladies to rooming with 2 of my freshman roommates, Haley & Shayn, and one random girl who already lived there, Kenzie. It was a miracle that Haley Shayn and I found an apartment with three openings- we really wanted to live together. I was also sooo very lucky to room with Kenzie. I was so blessed. My days were repetitive- I'd go to school, do homework, work some, date some, and go to the gym.

top: haley and shayn would always play pranks on me with a mannequin head... "Dirty Harriet" i called it.

bottom: my typical workout outfit.

February was also a very chill month. Repetitive as well. I started an on-campus internship, helping some professors with research on the cognitive and sensory ability of preschool aged children. It was really fun. I was still dating around quite a bit. spent valentine's day with my roomie haley haha. Then on the 22nd, I met Justin in the most unexpected way. It was a series of unfortunate events, but I know this was no coincidence :)

Again, a chill, repetitive, boring month. Until St. Patrick's Day, where Justin and i went to a dance where we really hit things off. After that day, we hung out every single day. For reals. It was pretty awesome. We "dinked around" rather than studying, but it's ok. We needed it.

me, justin, haley, and shayn! i miss my bangs..............

Justin and I wrapped up our 4th semester at BYU in April. I got the highest GPA this semester than my previous semesters, which was pretty awesome. Haley and Shayn moved out, but again I was so blessed when Kenzie's two friends Kayla and Brielle (who originally lived there, but were gone for a semester internship) moved in to our apartment. They are the sweetest silliest girls and I loved living with them. Justin continued to work at library security. I worked at a ton of BYU Events and baseball games, as well as going to what seemed like a MILLION job interviews! I wanted more consistent, frequent  hours and better pay... I was not having luck, since my upcoming fall schedule didn't meet the hour requirements for the employers, and they preferred longevity. It was stressful! I did get good at interviewing though, I must say.

I was still job interviewing like crazy in May. I got hired to work in retail, which I had never done before, but I was ready for a challenge. Towards the end of May, I took Justin home to meet my family. My little brother graduated high school, so we got to be there for that. After a nerve-racking few days of "meeting the parents", Justin went back to Provo as my family headed off to Tokyo, Japan for the next couple of weeks to visit my grandmother.

The first half of June consisted of traveling and chillin in Japan. We went to Tokyo Disney Sea (just another theme park in extension to Tokyo Disneyland right next to it. It's amazing). We did some sight seeing as well as seeing my cousins. I also fell in love all over again with Tokyo Style. It's super kawaii (cute). I was more than ready to fly back to Utah to my Justin, though! He greeted me at the airport with flowers, balloons, and a big poster!!! I cried. He is the sweetest and we missed each other so much. The day after I got home, I started my new job at VS.. Let me just say, retail sucks. Go-backs... floor sets... inventory... mean customers... The lousy hours... It was exhausting! But it all worked out.

We celebrated the Fourth of July with Justin's family by going to a Salt Lake Bee's game, and watching some crazy awesome fireworks. I did a little photoshoot for Apricot Lane Boutique, which was so much fun!!! We got our free slurpees on 7-11 day. Then on Friday the 13th, we got engaged! It was quite a funny story. Let the stressful wedding planning commence! haha it was crazy but we sure got plannin!

August was a blur. Justin and I both worked quite a bit. We were so so blessed to sell both of our single housing contracts, and to have found the perfect little married apartment for us. It was scary, but everything worked out. I was homeless for two weeks, but my sweet friend Elise took me in and let me crash on her couch. I appreciate that so much. I worked on a ton of decorations for our wedding. We spent lots of time with each other. We took our engagement photo's. School started up at the end of August. My little brother came down to BYU to start his freshman year.

September was absolutely nuts. School was in session, I was skipping class to do wedding planning, getting behind with my grades, we took our bridal photos, and finished planning minor details for our big day. On September 22nd, we got MARRIED in the Bountiful, Utah temple. It was the most perfect day in the history of the world, ever! :) After our reception in Provo, we went to Park City for the weekend, but had to come back to school the following Monday. On September 29th, we went up to Boise, Idaho for a reception in my backyard. My mom planned it all, and the execution was perfect. It was so fun to see so many people I have known for my whole life!

School. Work. More school. After a month of being married, we realized how truly awesome it is. Getting to bed before midnight... spending all our time together... it's the best. I became really sick  with a kidney infection for a week, and Justin took wonderful care of me although he was sick himself. I love him so much! We also decorated our humble lil apartment more, which was fun! {it's STILL a work in progress... haha}. My friends threw a halloween party, so we attended that in our well thought-out costumes.

November was a fun month!! We had been married for two months, enjoying our marriage, and we got to support three of my good friends who got married! Kenzie, my roommate from January to August, Elise, who was so sweet to let me sleep on her couch in August, and Dana, who was one of my roommates Fall of 2011.. It was so fun. I changed up my blog. We celebrated both of our birthdays. We also went rollerskating with some friends, had dinner with friends... we felt less like losers for actually being social! haha. I quit my retail job, and got hired as an office specialist at the Human Resources department of the BYU Bookstore!! It's a lot of work, but there are a ton of benefits, great people, good hours, good pay, and good life skills I'm learning.

In December we wrapped up our fifth semester, worked tons, and celebrated Christmas with my family in boise. we watched les mis, which i am dying to see again!!!! we also spent lots of time with the Porters for some big events- my sister in law whitney's birthday, my father in law's retirement, my brother in law's birthday, and then my other sister in law who is moving out of utah. we did some fun things with them as well, like going to an a capella christmas concert.

overall it really has been a blessed year, and i hope that everyone had a great one as well. here's to 2013 and whatever life brings with it!

happy new year!


Love, The Skinnys said...

Such a good year for you! Similar to mine in a few ways. Lots of baseball games (I wasnt working, just watching... and saw you at almost all of them!), engagement, marriage, lots of memories and adventure! You look darling in all your photos.

Love, The Skinnys

Kirsten Wiemer said...

clearly you had a fantastic year because you got married!
you are a beautiful bride!
i love all of these photos!
excited to see what 2013 brings you lady!


smk053078 said...

Wow! What a whirlwind year!! You guys are so precious and were def meant for each other. I loved catching up on your year and peeking inside your fun and blessed life!!! Happy New Year, sweet girl!!

Lex said...

love you, Rach! :) i had so much fun reading this.

Shane Prather said...

Beautiful photos! COngrats on a fabulous year :)

xo Shane

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