Monday, November 19, 2012

wedding: bridal party//flowers.

welcome to
part ii: bridal party//flowers.
Two overlooked, yet costly details of a wedding, in my opinion, are the bridal party outfits & flowers.
I can't even tell you how stressful it was to find outfits for our sisters.
I made an online purchase, returned it. Made another online purchase, and ended up returning that too.
From Ruche and Lace Affair.
Both cute sites, but can be pricey.
So guess where I turn to to get outfits for the girls??
Forever 21 and Old Navy. They never fail me! The pink skirts were from F21, and the oatmeal colored cardigans were from Old Navy (I used an online coupon code to get a discount).
I think they looked simple, but nice, which was the whole theme of the wedding basically.

The boys ties were from a random store in the mall, "Tie One On", for like ten bucks a piece.

As for the flowers....
Flowers can be REALLY really reallllyyyy expensive! It's ridiculous! But i did not want silk flowers.
Luckily, my soon to be father in law knew someone from work whose daughter found a super cheap local place that does amazing flowers in the salt lake area.
The place is called Skyline Flower Gardens.

Now don't you be fooled if you ever see this tiny ghetto lookin store in the SLC area. It's seriously tiny, run by two old (like 80-90 years old) ladies, who have a bunch of foreign employees that I didn't really understand..... But hey. It was so worth it. I got:

My bouquet
6 mens boutonnieres (groom+groomsmen+fathers)
2 mother's boutonnieres
3 bridesmaid bouquets
and TONS of loose flowers for reception decoration
all under $250.

It was awesome. I was so happy.
The old ladies are kinda crazy, but if you're super polite, they will do anything for you. The old lady even offered to wrap my bouqet so that the stem juice wouldn't drip onto my dress.
I didn't really know what to expect. All I told her is that i wanted creams, light pinks, and baby's breath.
And well, she worked her magic because I LOOOOOOVE love loved my bouquet!
Especially for the price. oh yes.

This thing was heavy!! I had to have Justin carry it around for me sometimes when we took pictures, it was making my arm sore haha (+i'm a baby)

So, tip #1: don't break the bank by buying prom dresses for your bridesmaids! They can still look great in normal every day clothes (and they can wear it again and again!)
tip #2: if you're in the Utah Valley/SLC area, call the old ladies @Skyline Flower Gardens to do your flowers.
For reals. They are great.



katherine said...

ah, flowers are so expensive! i was so stressed about it that i said forget it. but then my sweet sister made my bouquet and all the boutonnieres. so sweet of those ladies! i love old people:)

Dearest Lou said...

Oh my goodness Rachel your wedding was so dang pretty! I love the colors you guys chose (: Also, you did a great job with the bridesmaid outfits!

Dearest Lou

CQ| said...

Your wedding was so nice. I love the bridesmaids outfit, and everything actually. Thanks for sharing.

You looked so beautiful by the way.

smk053078 said...

WOW!! You were gorg and the wedding looked like a fairytale. It does go to show you that you don't have to spend a lot and still look like you did!! High five to you!!! Thanks for linking up!!! Happy Turkey Day!!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

{Gasp} Beautiful photos! I have to honestly say you have one of the most thoughtful and attractively dressed wedding parties ever. The girls' outfits are perfect IMHO, and the flowers are lovely.

Sue xo

Kiana Bates said...

I looove the bridesmaids skirts and the boys ties! And your colors are so great :)

Life etc... said...

Wow gorgeous photos! Love the colour theme you used :)

Life etc

Cathy said...

Silk flowers are expensive, too! That's what I used, but I had your mom to make my bouquet look beautiful :). Your flowers were gorgeous!!

Purposely at Home said...

beutiful. just beautiful. :) and congrats on the fancy smancy camera! :)


Daniel Hirsch said...

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Oh how Lovely said...

I LOOOOOVE your boquet. Like, LOVE.

Tellese said...

I live 8+ hours from Utah, and for both my brother and my sister's weddings we got flowers there. We just had my cousins bring them down in some coolers when they came.

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