Sunday, November 18, 2012

utah weddings on a budget: a series.

weddings can be dang expensive.
i think we all know that.
while planning my wedding, i was able to find places and people who had high quality skills and talents, but for a fraction of the cost of what others were paying!
as i looked around on the internet for ideas, i wished that there was a blog that listed some inexpensive places/people/things who offered wedding services.
so, for future utah brides, i hope that their google search leads them here for some awesome places i found while i was planning my wedding!!!
since we got our wedding pics back, i will be sharing some of those for the next little bit, i hope you guys won't get sick of them haha ;)
part i: temple.
Before I get into the financial biz,I want to share some of our wedding day-day photo's at the LDS Bountiful, Utah Temple! This is where my husband Justin and I were sealed to each other,forever & ever.

our family waiting for us.

here we are!


adorable cousin.

his grandma.

his parents.

we were lucky his best friend came down from idaho to support us!

my parents


my sibs,

his sibs.

his fammy.

these two cuties kept the whole day crazily fun! haha love em.

our future?? haha!

our awesome family members who came from near and far! appreciate them so much.

Now for some bride//groom shots...

We were SO lucky that the day was absolutely beautiful... September 22nd, high of 85 degrees. It was actually really warm, but the flowers and trees were so beautiful. I was happy it didn't rain or anything!

Sorry for the picture overload!! maybe,haha.

Stay tuned for more!


Kiana Bates said...

You guys are too cute!
You look absolutely fabulous in our dress! :)

Bridgette Nicole said...

You are adorable!! Great pictures and you look amazing!! :)

Purposely at Home said...

Aghhh, I love these, Rachel!! Can't wait to see more! :)

KylaFord said...

You are GORGEOUS! Seriously one of the most beautiful brides ever. These pictures are so great. love Love LOVE them!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

cute pictures!
love them!
and planning a wedding on a budget is hard.
i had to plan my wedding in provo for las vegas.
let me just tell you, nothing in las vegas is cheap.


Sara Shoemaker said...

I've been waiting for this post!! Yayyy!! You both look so happy and amazing. Congratulations!!!!!

Julie said...

I threw my wedding in under $2000 and that included my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses. All before Pinterest. SO STRESSFUL! I wish someone told me great shortcuts so your series will be a hit! P.S. You and your sister are so gorgeous- it's not fair!

Sarah said...

Stunning! love them all!

Sarah said...

Stunning! love them all!

Sarah said...

Stunning! love them all!

sasha said...

what a beautiful day! your family reminds me of mine. how cute is your mom!? love japanese mamas.

and your hair looks absolutely beautiful. do you color it, or is that your natural hair color?

Natalie said...

i love those pictures with your siblings :)

Elly said...

Congratulations, you look amazing! In fact, everyone looks stunning! I'm really loving all the warm, peachy tones! :) Just found your blog, and I love your style! New follower! :)

Torrie said...

Hey, shoutout to the Bountiful temple! (That's totally where we got married, too!) I absolutely love the photography on these (and your style)--absolutely stunning :)

Veronica said...


Yuliyuli5 said...

This Pictures are beautiful. You are about to make me cry haha... I cant wait for mine in July! Im going to Washington DC Temple. Wish you the best!

Love all the way from Puerto Rico.


nancy john said...

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