Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh yeah,Halloween.

So I know this is a bit late,but I took sneaky picz of silly people dressed up on campus.
and I wanted to share.
Because people at this university have guts.
I could never dress up like this to school....
Enjoy! haha!
Hot pink princess
?? Hagrid? Some character from LOTR? i don't know.
Fairy girl
There's Waldo! Saw like ten of these...
Hospital patient zombie???
a man with a fox head. it was kinda scary.
Hawaiin perosn
....teddy bear?
and my fave...
Buddy the Elf,what's your favorite color?!
hahahah. It was an interesting day for sure!
Have a great Monday!
Rachel Sayumi
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Kirsten Wiemer said...

oh my goodness, these kind of things kill me.

the fox is fantastic mr fox, he is the best.

oh buddy the elf.

glad you caught these.


andy brienne said...

haha. Definitely LotR dear. I'm glad you got a picture of him, because my iphone wasn't fast enough.

Bethany Grow said...

baha the zombie hospital patient is (i'm pretty sure) sheik from the legend of zelda haha yes i'm a nerd and that was my favorite nintendo game.
those are some pretty awesome costumes. buddy the elf is genius!!

Kirsten said...

Ok. The Buddy the Elf is so funny.
A friend of mine helped an organization out at the University of South Carolina by pretending to be Buddy the Elf doing different things from the movie. It is hilarious!
Please, take a minute or so to watch it! You will laugh!



Rachel said...

Oh that's funny! I love seeing people dressed up in random places on Halloween!

Bri Rios said...

Love the Buddy costume!! It always surprises me how many people will dress up and go to school like that...especially in college. Whatevs, makes for some good laughs for me!!

Bri Rios said...

Btw, I think it's hilarious that you sneakily took all these pictures! Lol

Purposely at Home said...

look at you, stalker-girl, rachel. ;D loved this post!


Elsha Bodily said...

you are so sneaky! Love all of these and I agree, you have to have serious guts or no shame to dress up for school past high school, or elementary school for me :)

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Julie said...

Sheik! I'm actually surprised at the lack of zombies.. I think you should have totally dressed up on campus!

xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

Anonymous said...

HA! I love that you took pics of people dressed up around campus! how fun! Love the elf guy! your blog is great.

SarahJane Miller said...

hahah! How did you get all these great pictures?! You are so sneaky! LOVE It! said...

looks like fun :)


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Lilianka said...

Great photos!

I invite you to my blog. Translate and read! :)

bridget anne said...

haha! can't get over how clandestine & sneaky these are. do you have a career waiting as a secret agent or investigatory detective? maybe. definitely.

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