Friday, November 23, 2012


a lil behind the times,but i sure hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!
i'm so grateful for so many things in my life.
+my husband
+our families
+an apartment to live in
+food to eat
+a new job i just got hired for!! (soooo grateful!)
+the church in our lives
and those are just the basics!
For our thanksgiving, we stayed in utah and ate lots of food, lazied around, and just relaxxxed from school!
then of course I went black friday shopping with my sisters in law ;)

and for the rest of today... 

hanging out with my husband's fam,
eating more good food,
seeing my cousins,
and more chillaxing!!! :D

i'm 21 today, so crazy! I guess i am now officially an adult haha.
i have been lucky the past few years for my birthday to land close to thanksgiving, so no school for me! best present ever huh?! hahaha.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! <3


Kiana Bates said...

happy birthday!
I hope it's the best :)

Cathy said...

Hey, what's your new job? I love your title, that's exactly how Ellie says "Thanksgiving" :). And, happy birthday again!

SarahJane Miller said...

Happiest birthday!! What a fun day to have be your birthday... black friday is my favorite! :)

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

Beautiful photos! Hope you had a great birthday. (I love your thankful list, and have to agree!)

Elsha Bodily said...

Rachel you've got to go do something that would require them to check your's like a rite of passage :) Ps I really like the new name of your blog

Bridgette Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!! You are so cute, congrats on the job! You will have to let us know what it is! :)

Magz and Mez said...

Love your blog! Happy birthday!

Kaeli Wood said...

Happy Birthday! 21 is a great age, you'll love it. Not that I'm an expert or anything - I'm still 21 myself! Congrats on the new job!

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