Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Saturday.

+Went to two bridal showers for a couple of my great friends! So excited for them.
+cleaned up the apartment
+did some homeworks.

+Hubby started making me a bookshelf,then we took a football break... and a nappy boy.

+Finished product!!! Love it so much. Thanks honey (:
+Did some laundry..

+Went on a bike ride!! The weather was soooo beautiful.


+saw some pretty scenery
+baked a pizza in the oven for dinner. He he he.

It was the perfect Saturday!

Rachel Sayumi.


Dree said...

Gorgeous scenery! A bike ride is such a great idea, I haven't gone on one in so long!

Magz and Mez said...

Looks like a nice day! I love your blog.


Alison said...

We made this Saturday a project at home Saturday as well. But no bike ride. :(

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