Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life as an Old Grandma.

This weekend was... wow. Definitely not what I expected.
the hubs and I both got really sick on Friday. We literally sat on the couch and watched tv (Four Weddings! he's so sweet to watch chick shows with me) THE ENTIRE NIGHT.
We ordered a pizza... We were super lazy. We got invited to do some fun things,but had to say no.
We figured that we both had the flu... but boy,that was not the case for me.
I had bad aches in my tummy. I had a bad fever. I would get extreme chills...I'd be shivering nonstop one minute then be buring hot the next. I could barely walk without my body hurting.
Justin took me to Urgent Care Saturday night after I just could not handle the pain anymore. I could not stop crying because I felt so miserable. I had to get a shot (I hate needles).
The doctor told me I was pretty sick. My temperature was 101.4. He prescribed some meds to us,and we went to the pharmacy.
I tried taking some pills,and ended up throwing it up 4 different times. The only food I could get down was bites of toast.
Justin was amazing at taking care of me. He would get me drinks every half hour or so,since I did not have much of an appetite. Before I took my pills,he would help me eat some toast so that I wouldn't be taking the pills on an empty stomach.
It was so bad that he had to help me in and out of the car... help me walk around... help me get in the bath... help me get on and off the bed.
I seriously felt like an old,frail grandma.
It was really hard,that my body wouldn't let me do the things I knew I was capable of.
I've been in bed for seriously the past 48 hours,and I'm finally starting to feel a bit better.
It really made me realize how amazing the human body is.
How it functions so intricately. It's such a complicated system,yet we take for granted the healthy bodies we have.
It made me so grateful that I am a healthy person. What happened this weekend was the first time I'd been so sick that I can remember.
It made me feel blessed that I have an amazing husband who so tenderly watched over me, took my temperature, stayed up all night to make sure I was sleeping fine.... Even if he didn't feel too well himself. He would stoke my face and tell me I was still beautiful. He's so great for me.
It made me so thankful for our parents. My parents are in another state, but they kept checking in with me. We are SO lucky that his parents live fairly close. My mother in law came over and took care of me... brought me chicken noodle soup... it was so comforting.
It makes me humbled to know that there are doctors who are open late,and pharmacy's that are open 24/7. Medicine is AMAZING.

It makes me sad to know that there are people out there who are in far more pain than I am... and have to live with it,every single day.
I know that within the next couple days, I will be mostly healed. It was definitely a humbling weekend,and I am so so grateful for all of the blessings in my life.
Love you,Mr. Husband (: I know you're reading this. Thanks for taking such tender care of me! I know that you will be just as great to me when we really ARE old!!!
Rachel Sayumi.


Elsha Bodily said...

This happened to Joe and I after we'd only been married a month or so. Food poisoning :( Totally sucks but reaffirms the fact that you love each other for better or for worse :)

Kiana Bates said...

That's so great. What a lucky girl you are to marry such an awesome man!

SarahJane Miller said...

Yikes! i am so sorry that you had an awful weekend! Thank goodness you have a fabulous husband who loves you so much. I am glad you are feeling better! And that dress... don't even get me started on how gorgeous you are. love it.

Bridgette Nicole said...

Oh that just stinks!! I hope you feel better! I am glad you have such a wonderful hubby and fam that takes care of you!

katherine said...

awh girl! being sick is the WORST. hope you feel better soon :)

ps; i mostly shop at di. but the thrift stores in rexburg are super lame. next time i'm in utah i'll have to hit you up and we can go :)

Merrick said...

What a sweet husband you have! Aren't you glad that you're married now so he can take care of you 24/7 and not have to leave you alone at night!

hope you feel better soon, girly!

Robmary said...

I had that a couple weeks ago, my body just shut down. EVERYTHING stopped working. When it's all over though, you'll feel a little like you'll be able to survive the zombie apocalypse, seriously.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i feel like that has to happen to everyone in a recent time after they get married, its a curse. we had to take my hubby to the ER when he had a fever of 104 after being on antibiotics. he got a huge infection because he has type 1 diabetes. autoimune disease make flu season not very fun for us, we have to make sure we are extra careful.

hope you are feeling better soon pretty lady. take it easy and maybe make the hubby watch a few more chick flicks with you, tell him it helps with the pain or something. haha.

Catherine said...

Ah, this is so true. I'm so sorry you were so sick!! It is seriously awful. Human bodies = Amazing. Healthy bodies = Blessed.

Catherine (your newest follower)

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