Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wedding Weekend.

I had a most fabulous weekend!
Truly so perfect and amazing.
Family and friends and perfect weather...
I haven't really gotten any pictures yet,
but once I do I'll post em! :D
Waiiiting and waiting till our wedding day!
After going through the LDS Temple for the first time.
Right after we came out! <3
his cute family.
Officially married!!!! yayyyyy!
LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding band, my bouquet, and my nails!
Cutting the cake at our reception.
I'm seriously dying to see more reception pics..............
Seriously so happy,loooove being married! :D
Rachel Sayumi.


Bethany Grow said...

you are absolutely adorable and i LOVE all of these candid shots!! congrats girl!! you guys look great!

katherine said...

awh. seriously so adorable. so happy for you!

Sara Shoemaker said...

oh my WORD you're married!!! this is so exciting! I am so happy for you dollface. You looked gorgeous on your big day. COngratulations! Can't wait to see pictures!

The House of Shoes

Bri Rios said...

You look gorgeous!!! It's so nice to be married huh?? :)

Amanda Schroeder said...


Alexis said...

Congratulations! Let the wedded bliss begin!


swaney e

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

You are the most adorable thing ever!


Elizabeth Mei said...

You guys are so darn cute. Omedetouuuu!

SarahJane Miller said...

ahhhh! Congrats! you look stunningly beautiful, of course!! So happy for yoU!

Kaolee said...

Y'all are so cute!

Katia said...

The cutest cuuuuuutest - can't wait to see more of the photos !!


Natalie said...

still love how justin's holding his mamma's hand in that insta... love love love.

Sarah said...

Aaawww! You guys make SUCH a cute couple :) Congrats! Can't wait to see more photos!

Purposely at Home said...

Yay! Yay! Yayyyy! So happy and excited for you, Rachel. :) Can't wait to see the other pics!


seashmore said...

That is so sweet how he's holding his mom's hand!!
I love cake cuttings; I think they portray the couple's personality. So I love that the two of you (in these shots, anyway) were just wrapped up in each other. Congratulations!!

Jessica Jane said...

I can't wait for all your reception photos too!

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