Monday, August 13, 2012

Polka Dots.

I've come to realize recently that I have a skirt obsession......

I have so many.
This has got to be one of my faves,though!!

Love them dots.

I wore this shirt/cardigan in some of our engagement photo's we took this past weekend!
I am SO stoked to get them back and see how they turned out (:

Shirt: Charlotte Russe.
Cardi: Old Navy.
Skirt: Forever21.
Shoes: Ebay.

PS: Only a few more hours to enter the JUNIEblake giveaway!
Go do that now! :D

Rachel Sayumi.


Elsha Bodily said...

I'm still way obsessed with your shoes. Just can't seem to get over their cuteness :) You better be posting engagements here, I want to see!

Emmett Katherine said...

aww you're too cute! love your polka dot skirt :) congrats on the engagement!

Meg said...

So so cute!! I envy your shoes, and I'm a sucker for polka dots! Loving your blog! Xo

Sara Shoemaker said...

ok you know how we're always saying we have the same style? this is too funny- I am wearing THIS EXACT SKIRT in my current fashion post. First the same giveaway with the same picture choices, and now the same clothes! This is awesome! I wish we could meet up for a lunch or something because I"m sure we'd be bff's :) Second of all, YOU'RE ENGAGED?! Totally missed that holy cow CONGRATULATIONS!!! When is the wedding? I remember when I first saw your blog that it was all about this missionary boy hahaha well lookie here, how times have changed! ;)
Anyway, I am so happy for you girl!

clothing giveaway over at The House of Shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, hello! I love polka-dots & skirts too. and I love your shoes, I think I have the same ones :)

bridget anne said...

love the polka dots! one can never have too many. the same goes for skirts. yes, i'm shamefully supporting your obsession...but in the scheme of obsessions people have, i think skirts is permissible. : ) xo!

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