Saturday, August 4, 2012

Job Interview.

(old post that needed to go up!!!:)

I had a TON of job interviews at the beginning of this summer.
It was stressful to search and search and interview and interview just to get turned down.

But it's so important... to keep trying. Try try again. Don't give up. Believe in yourself.

This is an outfit I wore to a job interview.
And it was a winner.
I feel blessed.

Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe.
Shirt: Forever21.
Skirt: Target.
Shoes: Target.

Rachel Sayumi.


Sayaka said...

You look so cute Rachel.. I love the blouse. And good luck with finding a job. Ganbatte!!

Harley said...

you so cute.

I'm so glad you were able to find a job!

Natalie said...

seriously the cutest

Alison said...

I dress much better for job interviews than some of the other applicants that I see interviewing for the same job, but it just makes me feel my best. You look great, very employable.

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