Friday, August 17, 2012

The best Friday the 13th

Friday. The 13th.
It's funny we've had so many of these in the year 2012.
Yet,the one in July was the best one of my life.

Justin and I had talked about getting married. We weren't engaged yet,but we had a date planned to go up to City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City to look for "engagement outfits". 
The plan was,the following week he was coming to my family reunion with me. He told me that he would ask my dad for permission there,in person.
Sneaky,that sly one.

We had a ring picked out,but I wasn't expecting him to propose for another week or two,at least.
We had fun shopping together and having fun.

Then,it got SUPER stormy in Salt Lake City. Like crazinesssss.
Plastic bags were drifting through the wind (Katy Perry anyone?)...
Garbage was all over the streets.
Cars were rocking back and forth because of the wind.
It was pretty scary,actually!

We went out to eat sushi (YUMMMMMMMM!) for dinner at a nice place.
I'm a pretty slow eater,and I was just relaxing and enjoying my nice dinner with my cute boyfriend.

He kind of started getting antsy. I didn't really think much of it...

But then he suddenly asked if I could quickly finish my dinner,because he really wanted to show me the inside of the Salt Lake capitol building. It's where he had prom,and he knows I like stuff like that.
I DID wonder if maybe he was going to propose to me that evening,but that thought was quickly dismissed since I knew he hadn't talked to my dad.
Anyways,he told me the capital closed at 8pm.
Well... It was 7:30.

So we booked it.

We got there,and he took me inside. It is SO beautiful!! The art on the walls... the columns... the high ceilings... I loved it. It almost felt like I was inside of a castle.

Wanting to explore more,I started walking up the stairs.
He was following me,and stopped me by grabbing my hand.
I turned around,slightly confused.

The dialogue went something like this:

"There's another reason why I brought you here"
Oh yeah? Why?
"Because.... i love you........."
uhhhh... okayy... I love you too haha.
"And well,I know you think I'm waiting till the reunion to talk to your dad... but I actually already called him and asked. He said yes. I know you wanted the proposal to be a surprise."

So anyways,cue the tears,him telling me some really nice things,him getting on one knee,and putting that beautiful ring on my finger.

His parents came out of hiding. His dad with a camera,his mom with a video recorder.
I couldn't stop crying! It was so unexpected at the time and so happy!!

The end!


He later explained to me that the week before while I had work,him and his parents had found a cute little garden/park next to the capital. He chose a spot where he wanted to take me and propose,and where his parents would hide. He even built a little path of rocks across a creek. After that,he had planned on us going on a little horse and buggy ride in the city.

BUT with the crazy storm,he couldnt!! He had been texting his dad (without me noticing) throughout the night,trying to figure out what to do!
His dad suggested either in the capital,or wait for a better day.
Justin wanted to do it that day. He had driven home the night before after we hung out to get the ring from his home (and I kinda kept him up late.. so he didn't even get to bed till almost 3am! oops). And not only that,but he had been carrying the ring around ALL DAY. We were together from basically 9am,so he had it in his pocket without me knowing.
Taking his dad's advice,he changed his plan.

The poor kid was a nervous wreck and being the naive person I am,I had no idea!!
I feel bad his full plan didn't work out,but I couldn't be happier with the way it went.

Also,if you were wondering,he stole my dad's phone number from my phone while I was in the bathroom earlier that week when we were hanging out. Haha.

Anyways,we were happy and we called all of our siblings/grandparents/aunts and uncles right after!
Happy happy day.
I'm so excited to be married to the silliest.. sweetest.. cutest man ever! :D

Also.. Why Salt Lake?
We spent a lot of time hanging out together in this city. Our first date was in SLC, the day we had our first kiss was after being in SLC, we just have a lot of fun memories together here. I couldn't be happier that he asked me to marry him in the city that we built so many memories in :)

Rachel Sayumi.


Kaycie Eddie said...

Congratulations!! That sounds just like my engagement! I was naive and my husband totally surprised me the same way (but at the Grand Canyon). :)

Brittany said...

Congrats!!! That's such a great story :)

Brooke said...

SO cute :)

Jill said...

Sweet story. Congratulations!

KayleeBeth said...

So Sweet! Congratulations!

Dearest Lou said...

Oh my gosh Rachel he's perfect for you! You guys are such a good looking couple (: So happy for you both (;

amalia aira said...

Congratulatioooon ^^
You have great romance story :)
I'm happy for you too ^^

by the way, do you mind to follow each other?
Thanks ;)

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

so stinkin cute, and really fun that it was a surprise! Congrats, and good luck with the wedding planning :)

Blytheponytailparades said...

Waaa I love the one of him holding your face :) So beautiful!

bridget anne said...

let me just say how happy i am that these were caught on camera! what a wonderful thing to treasure forever & ever.

Becca said...

Oh my stars! That is soooooo adorable! How amazing! Such a good story, too! And, I'm so glad that there are pictures and such! Love it soooo much!

House of Tong said...

**tears** honestly, this was uber romantic and I LOVE IT!! congratulations!! i don't know you in person but i am really really happy for you!!! congrats on LOVE!! xoxo

Elsha Bodily said...

It was super stormy when we got engaged as well...and snowing! It totally threw me off the scent and was a total surprise :) Congrats Rach-so excited for you!

Kelsey Eaton said...

This is so sweet! Loved it.You guys are seriously such a cute couple. I love it! It was also terrible weather when we got engaged! Also, you guys had a super short engagement!

Betsy said...

It was FREEZING when my husband and I got engaged...and we got engaged at the capital too :)

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