Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Planned Happenstance: Lost & Found.

Justin was a library security guard on campus at BYU.

There are always two guards at the entrance of the library,sitting at desks and making sure that the security sensors don't go off as people walk in and out of the building.

One day,I was studying at the library. I had an evening class at 5:30pm,so I headed over to class. Within five minutes of sitting in lecture,I realized that I had lost my cellphone. I hesitated for a second. Should I wait until class is over to go find it? I knew exactly where I had lost it. I asked a friend to watch over my backpack,and sprinted over to the library.

I checked the women's restroom in the library. I had set it down to wash my hands,then completely forgotten to put it back in my pocket (I've done this multiple times...)
I asked a lady at the information desk if anyone had turned in my phone. She told me to check the East desk where the security guards are.

I went to the entrance of the library,and first asked the security guard at the West desk (I'm the kind of person who has to check EVERYTHING or else I don't feel satisfied). The guard at the West desk also told me to check the other desk.

So I walked over to the East desk,and smiled inside because the security guard working there was super cute. Like seriously. Justin looks GREAT in a uniform.

I approached him. He said hi. I said... "Excuse me, I lost my phone. I was wondering if someone had turned it in to the lost and found here?"
He looked for me.
It wasn't there.
He told me to keep checking back,in case someone did turn it in later.

He was very pleasant to talk to and it made me happy.
I went back to class,frustrated that I didn't have a phone but giddy because I got to chat with a cute security guard.


The VERY next day, I was in a lab for my on-campus internship when there was a two hour period where I was working alone.
Being the rebel I am,I skipped part of it to go back to the library and check to see if my phone was there.
Guess who happened to be working at that desk again?
"Security Guard Justin".

Unfortunately, my phone was still lost. But we chatted for a bit again,so that made me happy.
I also kept checking the student center lost and found,but my phone was still MIA!


I eventually found my phone at the student center lost and found a few days later.
Justin and I kept bumping into each other in the library and on campus. We would chit chat a bit each time. I seriously saw him every two days or so.

And wanna know something crazy?
That first evening when Justin and I met, he was actually covering a shift for a friend of mine who is also a security guard. It's also crazy because the security guards rotate where they are every hour.

It was because he happened to cover my friend's shift... happened to be at the East desk... and I happened to leave class when I did... that we were able to meet. The planets all aligned, ya know?

That day, I lost my phone, and found my husband.
Worth it?

Rachel Sayumi.


Kellie said...

It's funny the way things line up the way they are suppose to when you meet Mr. Right.

Christy said...

Sounds meant to be!

katherine said...

so cute.

Jessica Jane said...

I'm a newly engaged gal and it is so fun to look back at your beginnings!

Harley said...


Purposely at Home said...

Aw! How adorable! I CANNOT WAIT to hear the rest....;)


Kirsten Wiemer said...

every time i see you are engaged it makes me so happy. you guys are so cute together.
also, love this story, so great.

Anonymous said...

Lovely story, some things are meant to happen :) we are now following you! xx

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Lisa said...

Congratulations on your engagement, Rachel. You make such a cute couple. Wonderful story on how you met. My husband and I met in a miraculous way as well and we marvel every day about how we were brought together.

Elsha Bodily said...

This is too cute! I love "how we met" stories, they make my heart warm :)

Teacheristas said...

Very cute story; like something off a movie. :)
LOVE following your blog! Keep posting :)


Sierra said...

This post is so cute!! Thank you for sharing.
I just found your blog and I love it!
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Mikayla said...

I love this, so adorable! (:
Found your blog via Awkward Girls, and I love it. I can't wait to read more.

KayleeBeth said...

aw! that is one of the cutest stories i have ever heard!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Awh!! Looks like something was just meant to be. :)

Oh how Lovely said...

"That day I lost my phone and found my husband." LOVE IT.

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