Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day Late...

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July!
I'm so grateful for the freedoms I have been given,and for the sacrifices which people make so that I can be here and enjoy my rights.

Our matching 4th outfits;

Top: c/o // Shorts: American Eagle //Shoes: Target.

top & shorts: H&M // shoes: Vans.

I celebrated by...

+working in the morning.
+going to JC Penney's because they were putting in those glitter strands in people's hair for free! (you can kind of see it above...)
+going to a Salt Lake Bee's game (although they lost...)
+then laying out on a blanket on the field afterwards

& watching some amazing fireworks right in front of our faces!! There was ash literally raining on everyone,that's how close it was haha.

I love America!
hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!

Rachel Sayumi.


bridget anne said...

your blouse is so so so so cute!

Satin and Souffles said...

Gorgeous pics! Love your outfits :) x


DC in STYLE said...

beautiful pics, looks like you had an amazing holiday! So glad I found your blog!

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