Monday, July 16, 2012

Apricot Lane Boutique!!

I know that I promised some juicy stories from the previous post,but I need to share this with you guys RIGHT NOW!! (:

Have you  guys heard of Apricot Lane Boutique??
 It's a super trendy and wonderful place to shop!
The SWEETEST ladies work there,and help out with whatever you need!
(PS: pics were taken before I got engaged. haha)

Apricot Lane has a store in Provo,Utah at the Riverwoods.
If you're from the area,you should definitely check it out.

If not,you're in luck!! They just recently opened their online Facebook store where you can purchase their darling products!!!

They were so kind enough to invite me to their store and choose a product to model and put together!!
I chose this dress,and named it the "Flapper's Flashback Dress".
It just has that cute shape with the fun black lace accenting on the olive green color.

EVERYthing I'm wearing is from Apricot Lane!!!!
I decided to match the black lace on the dress with a black clutch,headband.. as well as heels.

Then,for a touch of "Rachel Sayumi",I added a few turquoise accents as well.
All this is just a preview of their MANY products!!!
They range from beautiful jewelry to classic tops to designer jeans.

Would you wear this for a fun night out?!
Cuz uhmmmmmm.... I SO WOULD.

Apricot Lane is offering my readers a discount to their online store!
Enter XOXO20 for twenty percent off your entire purchase! WOOO!

So get to their online store and buy yourself something pretty. Or two,or three...

Twitter: @ApricotLaneProv
Instagram: @ApricotLaneProv
Online Facebook Store

Rachel Sayumi.


Michelle said...

love the look, lady!

Amanda Schroeder said...

adorable. I love apricot lane. Also..can't wait to hear about your cute story!

Amanda at

Natalie said...

dahhhling my lady, dahhling

katherine said...

holy cow lady. you are drop dead gorgeous.

Elsha Bodily said...

ok how lame is it that I have never been to the Riverwoods? I've lived in Provo for like ....3 years? Disgusting. Anyways you look adorable and I can't wait for the juicey details

Jessica said...

This outfit is so cute! I love it! I really love the yellow, the necklace, and the clutch! -Jessica


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