Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pattern Mixage

I sure do love my stripey skirt.
I feel like I can wear it with anything!!

One of my favorite pattern mixage combo's is Polka + Stripes.
It's so unexpected yet fun!

I've done it in the past with a home-made vertical-striped skirt.
With that outfit,I accented with primary colors.

But for this round,I went with the horizontally striped pencil skirt with a monochromatic pink/red accent.

Which do you like better??

Shirt: Thrifted.
Necklace: Francesca's.
Belt: Forever21.
Skirt: Ebay.
Shoes: Target,sale.

Rachel Sayumi.


dani said...

Cute cute cute cute cute! I'm quite fond of the new pencil version! I have a striped pencil-esque skirt myself that is a very fun staple. Very grown up. ;)


Kelli Diane said...

such a cute outfit! I think my favorite is the horizontal! :)

Harley said...

you are adorable. i love the horizontal look!

r o y a l said...

That is all.
(so I guess that means that the horizontal is my preference) ;)

Michelle said...

you always look fab!

lori said...

i LOVE this outfit!!! the pink necklace is the perfect pop of color against the blacks.

Ivy said...

oh my goodness cuuuuute outfit!!! And cute blog. New follower! :)


Maggie said...

I just wanted to say you are really pretty and have an amazing smile! ^^

Love your outfits ! <3

Robin said...

So cute! I am loving the new horizontal pencil skirt outfit! Adorable!

Dearest Lou said...

Cute outfit Rachel (: You look adorable<3

Elsha Guthrie said...

MIxage. Yes thank you :)

Personally I'm more on the side of pencil skirts, mostly because I feel they are more mature and professional. Super cute with the yellow headband though-keep that one :)

Bernadeth G. said...

so gorgeous! <3

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