Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sorry I've sortttt of been MIA as of late.
Been a little distracted with the non-blogging world,which is okay right?!
But I've missed my lil bloggy. Let's get on with some outfits,shall we!?

One of my summer loves?
Pastel colors.

Haha aren't those chalk hearts so cute??
& no I did not draw them.

Pastel pink + turquoise + lace/peals/gold.

Sureeeeeeee,maybe I look like an Easter Egg haha but whatever.

Cardigan/Shirt/Pear Bracelets: Forever21.
Necklace: Francesca's
Shorts: Gap,sale.
Shoes: Target,sale.

These are seriously the best shorts ever! Boyfriend cut at the GAP. I have them in blue and orange!

Rachel Sayumi.


Elsha Guthrie said...

yay shorts! I've seen a few people with these and all they get is raving reviews! So cute, and they look unbelievable comfy :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

I just got shorts that color from jbrand! I love them! I love the whole outfit!

Rachel said...

Your outfit (and blog) is soo cute!
I'm definitely going to have to snag those shorts!



Natalie said...

you cutie patootie you.

Michelle said...

super cute! love that pastels are 'in'

katherine said...

you are so adorable! you kill me.

ashley. said...

most adorable necklace ever.

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

so adorable - love the shorts!

haleybrianna said...

Love love love!!!

Ansel Leigh said...

I love the mint green shorts!!!!! Way to rock 'em!

Kimberly Bonham said...

I love this outfit!!

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