Sunday, June 17, 2012

JAPAN for the Clothes Minded.

I've been pretty occupied with life lately.... Been busy! But I promise outfits will come up again soon! In the mean time,enjoy this post about Japanese fashion (:

Japanese style blows me away. Every time.
They tend to have a "free for all" or "anything goes" rule,where they can mix and match different clothing styles together,yet it still looks SO good.

First of all,the associates at the stores are SO SO nice!!
They always offer fitting rooms. In the fitting rooms,you always take your shoes off. They also provide face covers for when you try on clothes so that makeup and facial oils don't get on the shirt.

When they finish ringing you up,they will walk all the way around the register to hang you your bag of goodies. Sometimes they even see you to the exit. And of course,they bow to you.

Here's an example of a shopping bag. So cute! They always tape it closed.

Even their gift wrapping is sooo intricate! Look at that!! It was just a simple tie I got for my boyfriend,yet the associate spent five minutes just to wrap it nicely for me. I even got to choose the color of the ribbon! (:

Words I would use to describe their current style:

A lot of their clothing included pastel colors.
Polka dots (I saw several guys wearing polka dot button up shirts! It was so cute!).
Long tulle skirts (seen EVERYWHERE!).
Flowly tops. 
Black tights under skirts and shorts.
Heels (every woman wears heels no matter what!).
Creams. Mint blue's. Pastel pinks.
Delicate jewelry.
And TONS of Peter Pan collars!! Seriously so cute.

cuuutest backpacks ever!!!!!!!! See what I mean by creams... pastels... florals.. and polka dots?!

So much golds/creams/pinks and pearls! SO precious.

This was a HUGE thing I saw over there!!
A dress made of tulle and other flowy material worn under a cropped sweater. Isn't it darling??

Yes,I am a creep. Look at this cute girl with her trendy flowy top! Seriously. So cute.

Here is an example of delicate jewelry!! The tings on the ends are both from Japan. Intricate,delicate,and pretty.

See what I mean by flowy tops and Peter Pan collars?! They. Were. Everywhere! <3

embellished clothing was also very common!!

Some other super popular trends I saw over there was the chambray top!! They were usually unbuttoned and layered over flowy dresses. Chambray tops were also paired with long skirts!
Horizontal stripes were also super duper in. Again,I saw chambray tops layered over a striped dress.
The fashion there is seriously so amazing! Everyone looks so trendy. I felt super underdressed every single day! I want to go back just to milk in all of the cuteness.
I hope that this was  a fun post!
Thanks for reading.
Rachel Sayumi.


Bekah said...

Oh gosh I would go crazy there!!!! Anything lace, tool and peter pan collared are just my weakness. ALWAYS!

Michelle said...

you look so cute in that blue skirt + white top - i'd totally buy this outfit!

Anonymous said...

Japan seems so awesome! I love peter pan collars! And you look so adorable in the flowy skirt and cropped sweater!

Elsha Guthrie said...

okay. I LOVE the pic of you with the blue dress and cropped shirt. You just have the perfectly shaped body to pull off stuff like that. Cropped shirts don't look cropped on me...just makes me look like a grasshopper (unproportional body with buggy long legs).

I am completely jealous of your trip to Japan, Joe always tells me about the fashion and shopping there and I can't wait to experience all the cute-ness!

Bridgette Wensel said...

Sooo fun to read!! Thanks for sharing! I like that they take the best styles and make them super cute. You look adorable in your outfit.

dani said...

Cutie cute cuteness overload! LOVE it all... especially those floral backpacks! Gimme gimme!

Bri Rios said...

I really hope you got that flowy dress & crop top combo, you looked SO CUTE! :)

haleybrianna said...

I love that outfit you had on!!! We need to bring those Japan shops over here! I love pastels and neutrals. And those backpacks are too cute, I would die for them!

bridget anne said...

LOVE this post! i desperately want to go there now. i do hope you bought that looks spectacular on you, cutie. xo.

Lauren Smith said...

I'm loving these Japan posts. I'm actually going on a mish to Japan in a few months, so I'm excited to experience all this stuff for myself.

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