Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking Like a School Teacher (?)

This outfit kind of makes me look like a little school teacher.

Especially with the glasses. Te he.

And wearing this scarfy makes me feel like a sailor a little bit?
One outfit,so many different feels to it. Haha!

Love. These. Shoes.
I like to call them my "tuxedo shoes".
I've gotten a ton of compliments on them!......... But they are ALL from guys. I guess girls don't like them as much. HAHA.

Shirt: Thrifted (little boy's section!)
Scarfy: Japan.
Skirt: Target.
Tights: DSW,($1)
Shoes: Ebay

I cannot believe that the month of March is coming to a close already.
I've really been enjoying my classes,and the people in my life.
It's crazy to think that things will change up again soon at the semester!

Happy Monday,friends! <3

Rachel Sayumi.


seashmore said...

I like those shoes. Then again, sometimes I think like a guy. :p

Sandy a la Mode said...

love your skirt, shoes and scarf!!

Emily said...

I love the whole outfit. Cutest teacher outfit ever!

Brooke said...

Love it. Work those glasses!

Brigitte said...

That skirt has such an adorable print! Wish i could find a similar one here in Canada, we're getting Targets in a year or two :D I love Target and I can't wait to finally have them here!!

Gentri said...

Cutest sailor teacher I've ever seen! haha! And I think they're called saddle shoes?? My sister used to have some. :)

Harley said...

if you are a teacher... you are the most stylish teacher I ever did see.

you look adorable!
And it is cool you know David. I know him too from the Advertising program!

MessyDirtyHair said...

you are so cute! love the glasses! adorable blog, new follower!

xx Kelly

Bridgette Wensel said...

Perfect definition for your cute outfit! I love how you combine the clothes that you own and make a whole new outfit. I'm attempting to start doing that. Huge fan right here.

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