Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad Lighting is Buggin'.

I seriously have been struggling with finding good lighting lately. Darn winter.
Oh's wells!
This was too bright...

So here's a lovely tarp background instead! Hooray for construction (;

My hair look sooo light!

Not to mention,it was winddddayyyy...

& by the way... I won these beautiful earrings from a giveaway.
Sometimes I don't know how I get so lucky and win stuff.

Earrings: Won from a giveaway at Famous... in my own mind!
Cardi: Thrifted,Old Navy
Necklace: Forever21.
Dress: Target,sale.
Pants: Target.
Booties: Payless shoes,sale.
So I paired this dress with skinny pants... which are pretty much like leggings...
Does it look weird? I kinda liked it,so too bad if you don't (;
Rachel Sayumi.

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miki said...

I think it looks really cute. It works well with all the brights and then the pattern of the cardi. I hate bad lighting, it ruins pictures! Yours all look super cute though :)

Yuliyuli5 said...

I love your outfit!! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love these colors together!!

diary of this girl - megan said...

i love it! such great colors together :) and gorgeous earrings!!

Brigitte said...

Love the turquoise colour of your dress!! Such a perfect colour for the coming of Spring :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you are just the cutest person ever.


Katie said...

I've been having the same lighting woes. Good thing we're almost finished with winter!

Bridgette Wensel said...

Hey girl! I totally did see you at the hot tub then! :) Your adorable in person as you are in pictures. By the way, I took your button and put it on my page. I have one as well if you want to put it on yours! :)
Lovin the leggings!

Jenny said...

I have been having the same problem with lighting! But your outfit is super cute!
Modern Modest Beauty

Purposely at Home said...

i LOVE it! i think the lighting gave it a good effect. :) your hair is amazing! love how you styled it. i hope you are having a wondermous day!


Harley said...


Bre said...

Love your colorful outfit and of course your pretty earrings :)

Anonymous said...

i need your outfit.

and your hair.

trade me?

Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

Winter is hard, but the rule of thumb is that the hour before sunset is the magic hour. Or right when the sun is rising, but who wants to take pictures then?! :) You can look up the sunset by zip code. Hope that helps!

Amy Day to Day

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