Monday, March 5, 2012

Tips for a Happier Life,According to Rachel Sayumi.

So lately I've been thinking,how can I make the most of my life?
We all have our own individual stressors. Unexpected trials pop up out of nowhere. But how can we overcome those?
When I'm having a hard week,I tend to feel sorry for myself and wallow in my own misery.
But I truly believe that we need to use our lives to help out others.
Recently I've found some things which have made me a happier person. And I thought I'd share them.
They're all super simple little things,but...
Maybe it will benefit one of my readers? Who knows.

#1: Be active,physically.
I do not like exercising. I used to go to the gym 3-5 times a week in high school,but to be honest... I hated every minute of it. I am NOT athletic at all. However,as some things have been stressing me out the past few weeks,I've been going to the gym near my apartment. And it's been so so great. I don't do anything special,just some elliptical... stretching... sit-ups... and jogging,but I feel SO great about myself after! All it takes is an hour to an hour a half,three to four times a week. I don't enjoy it too much,but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is so worth it. I feel great about myself!

#2: Be active,with your life!
By this,I mean... Find a new hobby! Find an opportunity to serve others! At least once a week,I try hard to do some service for my church. Other days,I do my best to look for service opportunities through programs at my school. There's no better feeling than knowing that you are helping others!
Not only that,but you can do service for those close to you. Make dinner for a friend,send someone a nice message,invite someone over for treats,or even just make your roommate/sibling's bed! It's the little acts of kindness that lets them know you care.

#3: Drink H20.
Seriously. I know there's many studies out there that tell you how great water is for you. It helps clear your mind.... AND YOUR SKIN! I've been doing my best to keep myself hydrated. And now I'm kind of addicted. I hardly drink carbonated beverages anymore. But it's not a bad thing (:

#4: Meditate.
Take some time for yourself. Read a book. Do a craft. Learn to cook a new recipe. Take a power nap. Do things that build up your faith. Take time to think about your life without the distractions of iPods... Cellphones.. and of course,the internet.

#5: Think happy thoughts.
The mind is both the greatest AND deadliest escape. Don't let YOU get yourself down! Know that you are a great person. Think happy thoughts of others! "Holding a grudge is letting someone live in your head rent-free". Work hard to let go of things/people that bother you. "Those who matter don't mind,and those who mind don't matter". Believe in yourself! Have confidence. Know that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Love yourself,and others will love you!! (cheesy but true)

I bear witness that the said things above can have a great influence on your life! I hope that this post was able to help someone today.

Outfit deets:
Cardi/shirt: Old Navy.
Scarfy: Won from a giveaway from Fly Far. Fly Free !!
Purse: Charlotte Russe.
Jeans: Miss Me's.

Be grateful for the life which you have been given!
Thanks for reading.
Love you all.

Rachel Sayumi.

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Brooke said...

These are so great (and I love how you styled that chambray shirt!). Happy Monday :)

Harley said...

you are so awesome.

Alissa said...

rach, i love you and i love this post. you should come over more often :)

miki said...

This is such a cute post. I think they are all true from personal experience!

Bubba and Dani Workman said...

Your post inspired me to write one of my own (don't worry, I did credit you!) Here is the link:

Elisabeth said...

love this :) and i just started becoming addicted to water! i carry a water bottle with me all the time :) can't wait to meet you on thursday :)

diary of this girl - megan said...

i have been having a heard time recently, but these tips are great! i think i will go to the gym for a workout tonight, and drink water! i also have volunteering tomorrow to look forward to :) thank you again for sharing!

Robin said...

Yay sooo happy to see the scarf you picked out from the giveaway! :] Good choice! It looks so cute (of course!)
& i love all your tips, definitely words to live by!

boyishchic said...

Hey Rachel!
Thanks for stopping by Boyish Chic. You are too cute!! I'm loving your style & am excited to be a new follower, as well :]
xx. Jillian

Merrick said...

Fantastic tips! Something that everyone should incorporate every day!

Funmilayo said...

good tips and i like your outfit :)

haleybrianna said...

You are WAY too cute, Rachel! ;)
I love this outfit and the scarf is to die for!

By the way, I tagged you over at:

katherine said...

you are super wonderful.

Makaila said...

YOU are beyond ADORABLE. Sooo cute! Loved all your pics

Bexx said...

Wonderful outlook on life. And, I couldn't have said it any better myself! :)

Anonymous said...

That scarf is so pretty! You definitely clean up well :)

Kelly Brooke said...

not sure how i stumbled upon your blog...but so glad i did! ah you have the cutest style girl and seem like such a fun person :)

new follower!


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