Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EBEW: Valentine's Pink + Red.

So it was cold.
So I didn't have the patience to take pics in good lighting.
But just pay attention to the outfit,not the lighting :D

Valentine's Day. Hmm. I don't know how I feel about this day. It's cute and stuff,ya know? But it's kind of lame when you don't have a significant other. But what-ever. I'll like it when I'm all murried and such.
I totally remember the good old elementary school days... I would always slip an extra candy in my crush's Valentine's Day box.
I distinctly remember a boy in first grade. Can we please just call him Charlie for my sake?!
I bought him a WHOLE pack of gum,cut out a heart,and wrote a note:
"Charlie. I just love you so much."
Haha. He wouldn't let me forget about that for a few years after that happened. 
Fun times.

Knit hat: Charlotte Russe
Cardi/Necklace/Belt: Forever21
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Wedges: Target,sale.

Anyone have fun plans for this day of lovin'??
I have a hot date... Yeah,with the University library -_-
Such is my life <3

But on the brightside,I get to see my family this weekend! I AM SO EXCITED.
The countdown has already begun!!

Oh and also by the wayyy..
I was bored. So I cut my own bangs.

What think ye of this?!

Rachel Sayumi.

Love you all! :D


preethi said...

Okay, so my outfit is SUPER similar! Great minds, and all. :) You look great!

And I'm married and I still am not in love with V-Day. :)

lace, etc.

Harley said...

YOU ARE ADORABLE. seriously.

sherri said...

you're soo cute! pink + red together is actually growing on me. i feel ya girl...hope you enjoy your day!

ps. yayy for bangs!

love, sherri

Natasha said...

This is very cute. I'm loving seeing how everyone wore their red and pink...I'm getting so many great ideas! I hadn't thought to pair red with light pink...but it looks great!

Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

Anonymous said...

At least your Valentine's Day will be productive :) I LOVE the colors that you used in this outfit. So cute, as is your story about "Charlie" :)

diary of this girl - megan said...

happy valentine's day!! i LOVE the pink and red :)

two birds said...

How could I not pay attention to this outfit? It is adorable! I am loving the stripes!

Jenny said...

I love the outfit and I love the bangs! Very cute!
Modern Modest Beauty

Yuliyuli5 said...

I love love love your Outfit!! Those wedges are gorgeous.

Sayaka said...

Happy Valentines Day!! I love the red and pink outfit...so freakin cute!!

Nicole Luther said...

I LOVE the festive outfit! Fell in love with your blog yesterday, followed it and so glad I did!

-Nicole @ www.RealLifeDressUp.blogspot.com

MrsLord said...

I love this look! You picked the perfect shade of pink to pair with those jeans!


Nicole... given said...

cute cute cute cute cute cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Seriously I'm obsessed with your wardrobe. You're adorable.

Meg said...

sooooo cute lady. I'll email you about the dress.


Bri Rios said...

First of all, love the pants. Second, wayyy cute bangs. Third, next time you see my husband on campus just tell him that we are blog friends and you know a lot about him. He would most likely laugh and sit and talk to you. LASTLY. Are you going to the BYU blogger meet-up?? I want to meet you in person one of these days!!!

Gentri said...

You are way cute Rachel! Love the bangs!! :D How are you enjoying your frankie magazine?! :D

Bekuh said...

Your outfit is adorable. I love all the hues of red you used together. It rocks!

Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

That is one adorable outfit! You are so cute!

Brigitte said...

I just started following your blog recently and can I just say that I love this outfit!! Oh my gosh, I want red pants now!

Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

You are so adorable! And I just love this outfit, especially the pants, what a fun color.


Ruby Girl said...

ok well YOU are just the cutest. what a darling smile... seriously! love finding new blogs to check out. will be back here fo SHO! xoxo linds of www.rubygirlblog.com

Cathy said...

Love that bangs. :) And your knit hat is so flattering, eh. Love the outfit! So cute and perfect.

Cathy@New Pulse Uniform's Skechers Scrubs Page Promises Easy Shopping

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