Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Camo Colors.

That's what I thought of when I put on the olive green,
and black together...

Don't know if anyone can tell,but...
I got my hurrrrrrrrr cut today!! (:

It's been TEN WEEKS since I last had a trim!
I usually trim it every 6-8 weeks,so my hair was just feelin like a mop on my head.
But now it feels fresh.
Ohhhh yeahhhh.

Dear Orange Construction Barrels...
What up.

Shirt: Forever21.
Necklace: Forever21.
Belt: Thrifted.
Watch: Juicy Couture
Bracelet: American Eagle
Argyle tights: Target
Skirt: TJ Maxx,dicounted (the zipper was broken so the cashier gave it to me for $6 instead of $16.. then I fixed it. Easy.)
Booties: Payless Shoes sale.

Exactly 3 weeks till my birthday.
Which means exactly 3 weeks and 1 day till Thanksgiving.
Which means exactly less than three weeks till I get to go homeeeee!!!!
Last year,I had gone home once before Thanksgiving break.
I miss my fam bam.

How can I stay motivated for the next few weeks?!
School is gettin a lil tad annoying...
What are some strategies you guys use to focus?

Rachel Sayumi.


Kylee said...

I'm feeling ya girl! I'm counting down 'til I get to go home and visit too! Killer trying to stay motivated, I agree! We can do it :)
I'm doing a giveaway if you want to check it out :]

lex said...

Oh hey gorgeous! :) I absolutely LOVE that outfit. Let's play this weekend, okay??

Sherri said...

You're haircut looks so good! I like it. And you look great! This is a lovely outfit!

With the school sure is hard staying focused! What I like to do is write a schedule for that day and plan each hour and schedule a lot of mini breaks because it's easier to concentrate for shorter periods and it pushes me to stay focused until the next mini break. Hope that helps! Good luck :)

xo sherri

Natalie said...

you so tingey! sooo excited for some birthday party time. and the pictures look SO good! love love.

seashmore said...

I LOVE this outfit!! That's awesome you were able to fix the zipper; I love the "as is" stuff.
And I second Sherri's tips for staying motivated. I call it "day plotting." Just make sure you leave room for adjusting for unexpected things.

Anonymous said...

rach, you are absolutely adorable

Sarah said...

I'm only staying motivated by not really thinking about the date, hehe. Anyway, you definitely pull off camo colors flawlessly!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

I love the camo colors, along with your cute ruffly top and fun tight! I like the outside pictures, didn't even notice the cones until you mention them ;) Your adorable.

lowercase letters said...

um i want this outfit. and i NEED this belt!! ;)
you are so cute with your new haircut... but you're always cute. :) horray for thanksgiving!
p.s. love this photo shoot spot! orange construction barrels and all. ;)

Erin Elizabeth said...

im a new follower and i just love you blog! your outfits are super cute :)


Meg said...

YOu look adorable!

lepinkbow said...

cute outfit! i love your top! (:

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