Friday, October 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow.

Can I just say....

This is one of my most favorite outfits I have done!?
My roommate borrowed one of my shirts,so she let me borrow this ADORABLE skirt!
And I FINALLY got new shoes! I had to throw out a couple old pairs...

Shirt: Target,discounted
Necklace: Roommate's (Target)
Skirt: Roommate's (WALMART!)
Tights: Target
Booties: Target clearance

Can you tell I just LOVE Target!?

A few mini stories here;

1) This AWESOME skirt is from Walmart. YES. Walmart! I loved wearing it sooo much! (: Thanks to Ashley,my roomie! It's a newer line called Bella Bird. Sarah from The House of Shoes (one of my faves!) had a little post about it here,so go check it out!
2) I've been needing a white collared shirt for sooo long. And I finally got one at Target. I just really like the way their shirts fit on me,haha. I found a little stain on it,so I asked the cashier if I could get a price reduction. She gave me 10% off. Of course,I hooked up with my friend Tide To-Go at home,and that stain came right out. It's always worth asking!
3) These booties were 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so so so happy!! I seriously have the hardest time finding shoes that fit my little feet. But Target has always has my back. I mean feet. ha. I think 90% of my shoes are from there....

They were SO precious.
I tried to talk to them,but I don't think they listened to me....

HOORAYYYY for the weekend!
What am I up to?!
Gonna study all day for a test,then hopefully chill with some of my ladies.
Then working at football AND volleyball tomorrow.
{I work hard for da money.}

What are your plans?

Rachel Sayumi.


andy brienne said...

dress me please.

seashmore said...

That skirt is fabulous!!
And I love Target, too. Their prices are awesome. I have similar problems finding shoes for my small, square feet. haha...I almost always start looking in the kids department when I have to look for shoes.

I'm pretty excited for this weekend. My ward is having a temple trip tonight for baptisms and tomorrow, I'll be spending all day crocheting scarves to sell to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. You can check some of the finsihed ones out here:

Sara Shoemaker said...

yep, I would agree that this is one of my favorite outfits of yours!! those tights with that Hot pair of boots are amazing. Target Always has the best shoes right?! and oh my goodness thanks for the shout out hun! :):) Bella Bird is seriously so cute.

The House of Shoes

Alyssa Wilke said...

target is for sure one of my fav stores. and i love the booties! great skirt too, lucky you to have an awesome roommate haha


melissa said...

I will be working as well this weekend! Gotta make that money.

As for your outfit, you are just so dern cute! The skirts from Wal-mart? Get outta town! That's awesome. LOVE the boots!

Simply, Melissa Ashley

Karli said...

I LOVE your boots!!! Seriously. coveting a little bit over here.

Tariro said...

Those boots are gorgeous!

Shinobu said...

Nice Style Rachel! I'm half japanese too, so I couldn't resist reading some of your previous posts too~ You're gonna be a great missionary!!♡♡♡Shinobu

My Songbook said...

I second the first comment! haha

Jennie Moss said...

Y E S on the cutie skirt. walmart? uhm yesssss.

Pia said...

Wonderful outfit! The skirt! And the shoes!! I am in love. :)

Emmett Katherine said...

I want a skirt like that. It's such a great colour & the ruffles, love them!!!

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