Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inspired By...

You guys all know Lauren and Maddie,from Awkward Girls...
If you don't,repent and go check out their blog right now.
They are so dang cute and have the best clothes ever!
I've had the privilege of meeting both of them in real life.
Such sweethearts!
Well a while back,I saw on their blog a dress that Lauren was wearing...
And I wanted to copy it.
And I did.

BUT I added a touch of blue to it.

(hard to tell,but my tights are navy.)
Finally got cute wedges!

Necklace: Forever21.
Shirt: Forever21.
Belt: Thrifted
Watch: Juicy Couture,c/o TeenVogue
Bracelet: Target clearance
Skirt: Japan
Tights: American Apparel clearance
Wedge booties: Target sale.

This random guy came up to me at church today.
He said...
"I was looking at your shoes,and I just had to come tell you how awesome they are. It works so well with everything. And also,your outfit is just impeccable"
Turns out this guy was a friend of a guy in my ward,haha.
He was dressed stylish himself! Mixed a plaid tie with a striped shirt with a nice jacket.
It made me happy that he came over to me to compliment my outfit.

Recently Target online had a BOGO half off sale,so I got a couple shoes for a great price.
Those^ are one of the two pairs I got,and I love them.
Perfect for fall!

Also,the weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend!
I worked at a football game on Saturday,and it was sunny.
I got a slight watch tanline from standing outside for 6 hours...

It was such a wonderful weekend!
I was ACTUALLY social for once...
Dinner with friends,cornmaze...
Worked at football AND volleyball.
Went to a haunted house with our FHE brothers.
Great times at church.

Exactly what I needed after a stressful week!
Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend as well!

Rachel Sayumi.


The Presutti's said...

I really love your outfit~ Super cute!

Lauren said...

OHH MYYY GOODNESSSSSSSSSS. I've never felt so cool in my entire life. Thanks for the shoutout! You are so cute! we definitely need to get together and do some lunch and shopping sometime!

Gentri said...

WHAT?! So many things! 1. You've met them? I was so sad when they couldn't come to the party. 2. Those shoes!! Those shoes!! What size are they?! Are they still there?! GAH! I'm in love. 3. Did you talk to that boy more than just about your outift?! He either sounds perfect, or... you know... haha! 4. I'm so glad you had such an AWESOME weekend!! :D

Tamela Daley said...

Ummm you have a lace dress?? You should know that I am in literal tears of jealouy right now. Where oh where did you get it?! And those shoes?? Ah! And the tights! I'm officially in live with the outfit.

<3 Tamela
A College Life For Me

Alyx said...

Found your blog through Awkward Girls!
I absolutely love it, and I love what you did with that dress! Adorable, and I think I have to agree with that guy - those shoes are awesome. :)

Lauren Smith said...

I love it! The bracelet is also adorable.
Girl, I just discovered your blog and it's awesome. I know what waiting for a missionary while still wanting to serve a mission yourself is like, and so more power to you! Keep on posting, your'e great!

katilda said...

i usually dislike fashion blogs because they bore the gizzard out of me. however, the fact that i'm pining for a lace dress and that i'm obsessed with tights are making me love everything about you.

Lindsay R said...

cute! i love the blue with it.


Emmett Katherine said...

This is such a great outfit! So many elements; the white, the lace, the turquoise accent, those wedges!!! Everything looks so great together!

Connie said...

I can't believe you found a similar dress! I love it! I want one! (:

Jenna O. said...

Loving that outfit! And the pop of teal is fabulous :)

alyssa said...

those wedges are absolutely adorable! i'm dragging my friends to target ASAP to snag a pair :)

you have a lovely blog, i'm following!


Adelyn said...

Just stumbled upon your blog--so adorable! And I'm dying over your shoes! Gah. I'm going to dash to Target and see if there are any left!

Bubble My Licorice said...

oh, i love lace dress.. and i'm jealous of yours.. hehe

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