Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Awkward Library Happenings... And a WINNER!

**Okay guys. FIRST OFF can I just say.... I am SOOOO technically challenged! All I tried to do was change my Blogger background,and somethin got totally screwed up. My blog looks different to me every time I go to my page... It looks different on Chrome,Internet Explorer,AND Firefox! I am SO bugged,it's kind of frustrating!!!! If someone wants to help me out,I'd appreciate it times a million (:**

I know summer is over,but I just wanted to wear my nautical shirt again...

Cardi: Old Navy.
Shirt: Forever21.
Belt: Roommate's.
Jeggings: Forever21.
Boots: Soda shoes. Got them at some random store called... 1318? I think... I got them back in April when they were on 50% off clearance from last winter. haha.

Some of the awkward things I experience in the library..........

-Walking around with a tampon and pad stuffed up my sleeve. YEP. My friend TOM {Time Of Month} is visiting! I was afraid I'd drop my feminine gear. But I DIDN'T.
-I drink a LOT of water. I'm seriously ALWAYS so thirsty! But drinking lots= going to the toitey lots. Sometimes I wonder what people sitting around me think when I go use the bathroom 2 or 3 times in an hour. Haha. So awkward.
-Seeing 3 girls at one table all asleep with their head on the desk. Te he.
-Seeing girls fast asleep on the couches in the bathroom. I don't know how they can sleep in there...
-When I'm tryin SO HARD to study.......... and random people keep trying to make conversation. I'm not tryin to be rude,but I would like to get a good grade,thank you very much...
-Seeing a couple all cozied together. I hate this. Oh then guess what the girl does?! Takes a drink of water from her bottle,then GLEEKS on her boyfriend. What the weird?!

To be continued....

Alriiiiiiight,and now for the lucky winner of the Sally Hansen nail set..........
(guys! I'm actually so nervous! And excited haha)

Congratulations,Sherri! I'm so super excited for you!! (:
I'm pretty sure she was one of my first followers!
Contact me at, and we shall get things figured out!
Thanks to all who participated!
Hopefully I'll have more giveaways in the future! (:

Rachel Sayumi.


Gentri said...

Congrats Sherri. :)

And ya... that is weird... But you look super cute! I'd probably wear that shirt all year long. In the summer because it's perfect for summer, and in the winter so it would remind me of summer. haha!

melissa said...

Things tend to get a little weird + crazy in the libraries of college campuses. Go college! Hahah I start to feel delusional myself if I'm there for too long haha.

You look so cute! Well, I think you're just generally a cute person! How much Filipino are you? I'm full! :D

melissa said...

*meant to ask, IF you were Filipino! You look it!

Alyssa Wilke said...

wow i really love your boots!!


Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Congrats to the winner. YAY for your first giveaway. I love your cute shirt. And your hair is always so cute, do you do anything to give it volume? Mine is blah and oh so fine with never ever any volume :(

Lauren said...

Oh the HBLL. did you hear about the girl who got in trouble for cooking chicken on a little grill in the periodicals? Things like that make me really love our school!

Sherri said...

Aww..Thanks SO much Rachel! I'm excited! Love the outfit and I've always been a fan of the nautical. Those are a lot of funny and random happenings in the library. haha. Good ol' school life.

xo sherri

Melissa said...

I love your boots!! Cute outfit!!

Alison said...

Hey Rachel, you're outfit is really cute, per usual. I actually work in the library, so I know what you mean about the crazy stuff that goes on around there. Also, I have learned a little bit more each time I change my blog, and if you'd like some help I'd be happy to share what I know.

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