Monday, October 31, 2011

Argggghhh! Happy Halloween,Matey's!

Happy Halloween to everyone!
Yesssssss,I dressed up as a PIRATE for all the Halloween festivities I attended,woo hoo!!

Blingin' eyepatch: Bedazzled by my roommate Katieeee.   
Shirt: Target
Necklace: Forever21.
Jewelry: Roommate's,Claire's,American Eagle,etc.
Sash: Made by me.
Skirt: Made by me.
Booties: Target

I seriously had SO much fun dressing up as lil Pirate Rachy this year!
I was thinking about cutting my skirt in a zig-zag fashion along the bottom,but well...
I wanted to be able to wear it. Forever.
It was honestly the easiest thing to make. And it's so darned cute. I can't wait to pair it with my other clothes! SO so so easy!! I've been on a sewing high! haha.

We had a ward party at a barn,owned by one of our leaders.
It was really fun.
There was a costume contest for "Best Dressed Guy/Girl". "Funniest Guy/Girl". And "Manliest/Prettiest Guy/Girl."

I happened to win Best Dressed. Haha! I was NOT expecting that at all,since there were SO many creative costumes.      
At the entrance of the party,our leaders had us fill out names and put them in bowls for a drawing.
A guys bowl,and a girls bowl.
Halfway through the party,they announced a GAME... and that they'd draw names for the people who got to participate..
4 Guys. 4 Girls.
Who happens to get picked??
Me. Of course.
Objective of the game?
We get paired off. We take our shoes off. We stand on ice blocks,facing each other.
We have to keep an orange between our mouths,and see who can stay on the ice the longest. BRRRRRRRR.
(this game has "Young Single Adult Ward" written alllll over it....)

Let me tell you...
it was awkward.
I was so so so embarrassed,my friends told me that my face was super red.
My partner was a guy who I had never talked to before. I thought I was going to fall over.

My feet were freezing. Part way through,they made us stand on one foot.
My partner and I won.
Our prize was a giftcard to In-N-Out
(he better not go spend it without me!)

It was a great time.
Can't believe 2011 is entering the month of NOVEMBER soon!
Where does time go,really!?
I can't wait to see everyone else's Halloween stories!

Rachel Sayumi.


Lauren said...

I think there is some rule or something against looking that cute on Halloween. Haha, ALSO we saw you very briefly at church today during 3rd hour! we'll have to tell you sometime about the awkward fiasco we had while trying to say hi to you. It was unsuccessful to say the least. I hope this doesn't creep you out. We can explain, I promise.

Gentri said...

Oh my goodness!! PLEASE link this up to my Halloween party!! I love all of it!! You were on a winning streak! And you looked so so cute! I love YSA activities. Hahaha! And that koolaide man- wow!

lowercase letters said...

this has got to be the best halloween post everrr! i would have been utterly embarassed to do that with a guy... espcially one i didn't know! y'all have fun shopping! :)
p.s. SO happy you won best dressed! you REALLY deserved it with that amazingly cute pirate getup! :)

Sherri said...

What a cute and stylish pirate! haha..good ol' ysa games.

Natalie said...

oh my goodness you were the star of the night! and have you seen kool-aid man running around campus today? he's giving everyone some kool-aid whilst saying, "brotha, drink my kool-aid". i was dying. love that you hung your prize on your hook. call me tonight!

Alyx said...

Probably the cutest/most stylish pirate EVARGH!! (buh-dum-ching)

Pop Champagne said...

ohh love your costume, you're too cute haha prob the cutest pirate out there :D

ashley in wonderland said...

oh my cutest pirate in america! you really are gorgeous. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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