Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Need of Advice. + a Hair Tutorial.

Hope your weekend is going great so far!
Mine's goin wonderfully. Just been catching up on homework.
Worked last night at the football game (Cougars finally won!).
My boss awarded me the "crowd pleaser" which is given out to a certain number of employees each game. We just get a lil candy bar and movie pass and we get our names on the events staff website. Not a huge deal. But I thought it was nice,and it made me motivated to do my best when I'm working.
So that was neat.

Anyways,now moving on.
I need some advice!
For work,I had to go buy a pair of dark pants. Not jeans... pants.
So I ordered some online at Forever21.
But they wouldn't get to me on time before the first football game.
So I went to the store and got myself a different pair of pants.
My pants I ordered finally got to me.
And I can't decide if I should keep them or return them?
Here's the catch...
If I return them,I HAVE to send them back by mail (why??? I don't know. So lame)...
which means I have to pay for the shipping. And I already had to pay for the shipping to GET them to me... so is it worth it?? should I just keep them?
The other thing is-
They are high-waisted pants,which I have never owned before. I decided it wouldn't look good with my work shirt,so I would just wear it for cuteness. But I don't really know if I can pull it off.

So. I need constructive criticism here!
To keep...
Or not to keep?

Yes,that is the tag haha (:

So there they are.
A high-waisted navy pair of pants that come with a dark brown belt.
I honestly don't know how to wear high waisted pants unless it's like how I did above...
Either way,it's sort of a win-win...
I get new pants,or I get some money back.. haha.
(I have till October 16 to decide) :P
Any thoughts are welcome.

And for the hair tutorial...

It's the "one minute messy updo".
A tutorial from A Pair and a Spare.

She's amazing,her other tutorials rock. You should check her out!

Rachel Sayumi.


kLr said...

Very cute pants! You can pull them off, even with the heels!

One thought, in future if you are asking how they look, it would be easier to tell if you stood in a more regular stance (rather than leaning slightly and turning in your feet).

More natural looking!

The last pose made it easier to tell, and I think they look very nice and classic!

The whole high rise pants thing that is in right now is a little weird! It seems that is all that Gap has in their stores : ( Thankfully not everyone has gone highwaisted!

Rachel said...

Thanks for that! I added another photo where I'm standing up more straight... haha I honestly can't take normal pictures :P Thank you!

kLr said...

Very cute!

Alexis Kaye said...

you're darling! I would keep the pants :) I'm jealous you can pull off the skinny jean thing! Also, Congrats on the work praise! doesn't matter how small, it totally makes my day when people recognize my hard work!

Anjelica said...

KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!!!! They are adorable and look great on you!

Gentri said...

KEEP THEM! You look so cute in them! Just look on Pinterest or something for more ideas on how to wear them. :)

Sara Shoemaker said...

first of all can I just say how happy your comment made me?! I loved it! thank you so much! It was the funnest wedding to plan and I want to relive it every day. As for your pants, I think you pull off the high waisted look! and if it turns out you don't like them, you can always sell them on ebay {and maybe even make a little profit!}

The House of Shoes

Rachel said...

Thanks for the feedback! <3

ashley in wonderland said...

i love them! i think it's a definite YES!

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