Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy Busy...

It's been pretty crazy here.
I actually have quite a few posts I have started to work on..
but I haven't gotten around to publishing them...
so the next while will be a mix of past/present events.
But that's okay,this is like a mini journal for me...
So I just want to make sure I get everything down.


All in all,things are great. I'm all moved in,and I've officially met all of my roommates.
They are all super chill,sweet as honey,wonderful girls and I'm excited for the coming year.
We live in Lexington 24,so Imma be calling them my Lexy Ladies. HAHA (: <3
One thing I know for sure is that I will have a very sore bottom this year,since well... I'll be riding my bike around... haha. Yes,I'm hot stuff on my bicyle. Oh yeah... And anyways,I live south of campus... and campus is WAY UP HILL! It kills me!!!!!!!!
But it's all good. I do love my apartment. Six girls,two showers and toilets,nice living area,good sized kitchen,and TONS of storage space for alllllll of my stuffs! haha.


On Friday,my roommates from last year and I all got together (except for one girl,Shayn.. she's in China for Study Abroad) and had some fro yo! It was so fun to see them,it's as if we never left each other. We were all SUPER close. Things just didn't really work out for all of us to live together again. But we're excited to hang out. A sister and a boyfriend came with us,also.. haha (:

 This picture is dedicated to our friend in China.

It was so fun to catch up with them! It's like we never left each other. <3

NSO (New Student Orientation) was a lot of fun. I have been able to see a lot of the kids who graduated from my high school in 2011. They are all so precious. LOVE my Centennial Patriot pals (: My feet really are sore,but it was so worth it to be a volunteer and to help out the little freshman. Since it's my second year,I still remember exactly how nervous and confused and frazzled I felt as a little fish in a big pond. So I hope that I was able to help relax them a little bit. It was a great experience. I was able to re-watch some videos that I saw during my orientation,and heard some of the same messages... But it was through a different perspective. It was so wonderful to hear the thoughts that were shared from some of the leaders of my school. It was a breath of fresh air and made me wonder how I can better myself as a member of the Church. I really do feel so blessed to be able to attend Brigham Young University. I'm grateful for the sacrifices people made,and ARE making,so that I am able to be here. It kindles my fire for education.
I gotta do my best to make their sacrifices worth it!

Here's a scripture I heard today that I really liked:
D&C 88:118
"And as all have not faith,seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; seek ye out of the best books,words of wisdom; seek learning,even by study and also by faith".

That's my new motto for College,Year The Second: 2011-2012. (:

My new roommates have been wonderful.
They are all very sweet and Christlike girls,and I know that I was meant to live with them this year! I signed up on my own,but my roommate is actually a girl from my freshman ward! It just so happened that we ended up in the same apartment. I know that these girls will really help me to keep my focus on my goal of becoming a missionary. I love them all.

Me. Katie. Brianna. Dana. Ashley (my roomie). Alissa.
We are..... The LEXY LADIES.
(we live in a building called Lexington:)

My shirt is from DownEast Basics... my belt is from a shirt I got at Forever21,but I wear it with other clothes (: My necklace is from Japan,watch c/o TeenVogue... and my skirt is actually a thrifted one! I feel like I suck at thrift-shopping,but well I found this (it was originally HUGE) then I took it apart and made it my size... haha I was a little nervous to wear it. Sorry I don't have a better body shot,oh's wells...
Love them.

Anyways. I really am so glad that I signed up to be a Y Group Leader. I honestly think I benefited it from it more than some of the freshmen did.
I'm so blessed to have wonderful roommates.
I'm so blessed to have a family who is rooting for me.
I'm so grateful for my friends who love me.
I'm so happy to be a part of such a wonderful church.
It's not just a religion.. It's kind of a culture.
A way of life!

Rachel Sayumi.


Meredith said...

oh man! makes my miss BYU so much! i just dropped off my little bro there last week. wish i could go back sometimes! ;)

Rachel said...

HAHA! Good times ! <3

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